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Death Certs.

I dont know about the strangest/wierdest/odd but i have one that died from tongue cancer otherwise most of mine have been senile decay. Havent come across any weird/odd ones yet.
What is the strangest/wierdest/odd cause of death on a death cert, that you have come across in you family tree.


My husbands grandfather was reported to have been run over by tram car in 1932. (family story). What really happened was he was drunk, and whilst walking to visit his daughter, to see his new grandson (my hubby) He fell over in the gutter, a man alighting from the tram, picked him up and sent him on his way. He fell over again in the next street, this time he died from injuries he had received in both falls. Joan
Dont know Steve...but i really liked the clip ware the British reporter was asking the old American gentleman questions right next to the statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Brit reporter..why was Abraham Lincoln buried here?

American OAP...Jeeeze,because he died stoopid.