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Death Charlotte Stout

Skelton - Saltburn Yorkshire
Hello there and a happy and healthy New Year to All

I am trying to find the Death of my Wife's Grandmother .
Charlotte Stout ( nee MCMENEMY ) born 1881 at Eamont bridge , Westmoreland .

I know that she lived near my wife at, ( 166 high Street , Marske-by-the-Sea near Redcar , Cleveland ) .

I have searched everywhere on , Ancestory , etc.

The only thing that I have found is a , ( Unknown Female , Stout , Female 1974 Burnley & Pendle Lancashire ) this was on genes Reunited .

and this one from Ancestory , ( Female, Stout year info 1974, city Lancashire .

I don't know what the Record is for this .

any help would be highly appreciated .

thank you

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I have checked the Death Index from 1950 to 1980 and cannot find a Charlotte Stout anywhere.

The unnamed Female was a baby born 1974 and the Female in Burnley/Pendle was a Viola born 1883.

Are you sure she died in 1974 and did she have any other Christian name?

Hi emeltee

No I am not sure that she died then , I have checked from 1959 , (when My wife know's she was alive and living at the address I mentioned ) up to 1980 and there is no data for a death of a Charlotte Stout anywhere !!.
In the 1891 Census ( living with her parents in Westmorland ) She was just charlotte and in the 1911 census ( living with Her family in Penrith) She was just charlotte .

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Hi Spike,

I've had a look through the transcribed death index for Charlotte, no luck there. Her death may have been left off the index or could she have remarried. Her birth is indexed as Charlotte with no middle name.
Hi Spike,

Still looking. Could Charlotte have died outside of England and that's why her death isn't showing on the England and Wales death index. There are 7 deaths on Scotlandspeople statutory deaths 1855-2009 for that name.
Hi Everyone Juliejtp / Leefer / Emeltee

Thanks for all your help , yes juliejpt you have the right one , Also She may of went to scotland , but from what vague info I have , her brother took her over to Lancashire when she was'nt very well , I have traced him , and He ( Hugh Stout ) died in 1994 .

But offcourse She could of went to Scotland , maybe to some care home !! ,

I would really at this point like to see what info there was on the one's found in Scotland .

Hello Spike,

There is a death in Scotland in 1962 for a Charlotte STOUT (McMENEMY) born 1881.

I'm out of credits so it will take me a bit longer to get the place of death.

Campbeltown, Argyll


Hi daveham9


Fantastic , can't thank you all enough , hopefully that is the person I am looking for , then I can carry on with the next line of my ( wife's ) Genealogy line .

what site did you find that info on ! , and what search criteria did you use .

Hello Spike,

The link to ScotlandsPeople Julie gave you on post #9.

It's free to register and then you can search but if you want a copy of that death certificate it will cost 1 credit for the Index entry and then 5 credits for the image. Details on the site.

Married name and maiden name and age fit so there is a good chance it's the right one.


Hi daveham8

Thanks for your's and Juliejtp's help

I have purchased some credit's and the info on the site came up with the following :

1962--STOUT---CHARLOTTE---Not Permissible---MCMENEMY----F----81

District-----------------------GROS data-------Image------Extract
CAMPBELTOWN/ARGYLL-------507/00 0081-----No Image----Order

I am not sure what to order here , it say's that there is no image , so I don't know what info the Extract is going to give me and it is going to cost me £12 , any idea's .

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Hello Spike,

That's unusual for there to be no image. Perhaps they could not digitise a copy that was good enough to add to the database. I can't imagine that's all there is on the death record. Depends very much on the informant though as to the level and accuracy of the details.

I'd suggest you contact them asking why there is no image to download. They are unlikely to give you any details but they should at least tell you if you spend the money you will get a fully filled out certificate. Or they will tell you there is no image because there are no other details.

I have not contacted them re the same problem so I have no idea how helpful they will be.