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Death of Edward Thomas

Hi everyone, I am looking for a death of an Edward thomas ward born february 1906 in london. We believe he moved to Sussex in the 1980s to be with his only son. We are thinking he died between 1985 and 1995?? can anyone help me find a death record please. Many thanks
thats brilliant!! Thank you very much. That is the right one as his date of birth is the same!! I want to order the death certificate. Is that all the details I need to order it? Many thanks again x

As there is no image available I cant re check the details.

Edward Thomas Ward
Birth date 5 Feb 1906
Age at death 84
Date of registration Dec 1990
Registration district Worthing
Inferred County West Sussex
Volume no 18
Page 2356

Edward (Ted) was my father, it's good to see his name is of interest. I've been reading the threads about my grandfather, typically not a simple trail. I'd be delighted to read any further info that has come to light.

I guess seeing that you're from Suffolk then dad's brother John is your route to the past.

Look forward to reading some new news,

Hi Barry!! Lovely to hear from you!! Indeed, my side of the family is ted's brother john!! My mum, Debra, her sister susan ( your cousins ) and I have been researching our family tree for a couple of years now and we have been trying to find you for some time!! I would be greatful if I could pm you some contact details! Hope you are well. Rachel
Hi Rachel, Debra & Susan

I think I'm too knew to the site to be allowed to send PMs (or maybe I'm just too slow to be able to figure out how to do it) so perhaps you could send me a mesage with your details, as suggested

It's been fantastic reading all your posts, I reckon it's going to take me 3 months just to collate all the info. You can trust the Wards to make things difficult.

My mother's family, the Bradshaws, were really easy, straight back to 1783, all from the census forms.

You've all done brilliantly though, much better than I was able to do, especially finding branches of the family in Canada & Australia.

I do remeber meeting gradfather once & I also remember going to his funeral. All the women of the family were scandalised by his new lady friend turning up in black patent shoes! Quel horreur

Look forward to hearing from you,

Hi Barry,

Once you have posted 3 times, which you have just done, your username will turn green shortly which will then allow you to send PM's.
Hi Barry,
As soon as your name turns green, I shall pm you my contact details! I rang my mum Debra and told her that you are on this site and we both very pleased that you have been in touch!!
The wards are indeed hardly straight forward! My mum has pictures of your wedding in hove! Look forward to speaking to you soon!