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Death Records

Hi Guys

Hello to you all!

Quite new to the family history game, been doing it on and off for about a year now. I have managed to get quite far, and quite a large tree. However (you knew that was coming didn't you!), I have lots of birth dates on there, a few wedding dates, but no death dates.

I am now really confused! What's the best way to try and track these records down?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mark,

You could try the freebmd link below.


Ancestry, partial index free all other resources pay per view.


Findmypast pay per view


Family search free


Genuki have a good list of resources


You could try Google search to see if there are any transcribed parish records on line for the area you want.

Hi Julie

Thanks for the list - very good, I will be sure to use those.

The thing I am really stuck on though, is how to find out roughly what year to look in etc. I have somebody, for example, that appears on one cencus, but then not on the next one, his wife is now the head. I am guessing that he died, but how would I find the record? Do i have to search through all 10 years or is there a more inteligent way? The surname I am looking at (Rogers) is a very common name and brings back hundreds of records - and I would only really know if it's the right one by getting the certificate wouldn't i? That would mean £££'s.

I am so confused - my head hurts! :D

Hi Mark,

Does the census say she is widowed (which dosnt always mean anything) Have you tried looking for him on the next census unless its the 1901. If he has died then that means searching through the records. Post his name on this thread what area, dob or year of birth and I'll have a look.

Hi Julie

Yes it's the 1901 cenus (it alwasy is when you want to see the next one!), however it does say she's a widow.

His name is Joseph Rogers Born in Hatfield Herts, but lived in St Pancras (Civil parish of St Pancras). His DOB is around 1847. He's married to Emma Rogers. I can see him on the 1891 cencus but Emma is a widow on the 1901 cencus.

Thanks a lot for all your help.

Hi Mark,

Found the following on the free partial bmd death index on Ancestry. This one was there, another 2 but year of death was 1907 and 1904.

Joseph Rogers est year of birth 1847 (age 51) dist St. Pancras year 1898 vol 1b page 109.

Seems like a likley canidate.

Hi Julie

Wow that quick!

Thank you much for your help! That does look like a very good match, i will only know for sure though when i order the certificate i guess. I can't do that until pay day though!

I'll let you know what it says.

Thanks again