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East Yorkshire
I am desperate to find any information regarding the death of Walter Hugh Sebire, b1880 on Guernsey. He took part in the Great War in the Royal Engineers. Was discharged in 1918 but I can find no record of him after that?

Has anyone got the hammer for this "brick wall"?:confused:

Regards, Robinetta
Hi Robinetta,

I can find him on the 1881/91 census then nothing after that but in 1904 there is a Walter Hugh Sebire age 24 on the Philadelphia passenger list, port of departure Liverpool ethnic background English.

Ships name Westernland
Port of arrival Philadelphia
Last residence England

Walter Hugh Sebire
age 24
born Guernsey
occ ----labourer
Final destination Toronto
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i have a relative in canada have forwarded the info and asked him to do a general search to see wot comes up no guarantees tho but will have a try for u

unfortunately couldnt find anything for you my cousin search with what means he has and wasnt successful :( i will keep it on the back burner like i have had to do with some of my ancestors and sometimes when u aren't looking for it it drops in ya lap!

Hi Ath

That is it then for now! On to the "back burner" he will go - but I am sure I have not heard the last of him! ;)
Thanks so much for your help and time.

Kind regards,
Hi Julie
I do not know if he returned to Guernsey. I can find no death date of him in Guernsey and as he had made a trip to Canada before the First World War,:confused: I wondered if he had gone back there after the war? :confused:
Kind regards,
Just a quick update on my search.

I have still not found a death date - but Walter Hugh Sebire did take the trip to Philadelphia on his way to Canada. I have now found record of him taking part in the First World War - joining the Royal Engineers when his address was given as Doyles Military Road, St Sampson, Guernsey. He served in Egypt in 1915 and thankfully must have survived the war as he is not on the GWGC Debt of Honour List.

Can anyone add any more or point me in a direction ?????!!!!! :D

Kind regards
Hi All,

I am new to this Forum and I am interested in any ww1 and 2 talkins. I noticed someone was talking about St Pierre cemetery in Amiens. Igot interested in especially WW1 because my wifes grandad died of wounds recieved at Guillemont on the 8th August 1916 and is buried in St Pierre Cemetery. My wife and and a coup-loe of the family went out in 1997. That is when I got interested in ww1. I now have the Soldiers died CD ROM 1914/19 also The roll of honour CD ROM 1939/45. I also found where the hospital run by the No1New Zealand ambulance station was situated in Amiens if any one is interested. I think I have gone on a bit so I will close now. If I can help in anyway with my CD'S feel free to ask.

Hi JohnB

Welcome to the Forum. I too am fairly new and finding my feet with the site.

It is kind of you to make a look-up offer and I think if you posted the offer in the Military Section there would be more people aware of your offer. Simply click on Community Forum at the top of the page and then scroll down to the Military Section and then you click to choose WW1 or WW2. Choose to make a new thread and there you go.

Kind regards :)