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Delia Byrnes 1891 census lookup request


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I have lost count of the mysteries in the ancestors of our family and have tried in vein to find this lady:

She married in Rochdale in 1894 - Richard Kelsall - marriage address 2 Harriet Street [presume Rochdale!!!!].

She had a child by the name of Mary J Byrnes in 1886. A researcher did find a child by this name and age born in Manchester and later living in Rochdale - but not with a Delia - with a family called Walton. Could this Walton family be Delia's sister and brother-in-law?

The 1901 census shows Mary [Kelsall] living with Richard and Delia, along with sister Alice and brother Daniel. Mary died aged approx 101 - named Mary Byrnes.

The census shows that Delia was born in Dublin - father Daniel - but would love to find her pre-marriage in England, if poss.

I may just have to accept that I'll never find her... but one last chance...

WITNESSES: David and Alice Anne Thompson
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