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Derby Gravestones - intro

Hi all

My name is Angie and, as you may or may not have seen, I am responsible for the Derby Gravestones website.

I have been studying my own family tree for a number of years and found that, when it came to burial info, I needed to travel. Not being a driver and having ancestors from far distant lands (Gloucestershire) this was frustrating for me.

Bearing this in mind I thought about all the folks out there trying to research their Derby family history (which is where I live now) and not being able to get here - hence Derby Gravestones was born.

This is something I have been planning for a number of years and within the last week or so, it has been born. On the site you will find different Derby cemeteries and churchyards represented with lists of contents. These relate to the grave markers I have managed to photograph. If you find a relative or person of interest listed on my site, email me at info@derbygravestones.co.uk and I will email you back a picture and transcription of that grave. Remember to include the persons name, dates and which cemetery they are in.

I am constantly doing research so please keep checking for new names to be added.

Thank you for reading my intro

Hello Angie
and a very warm welcome to the site
WOW(you have been busy with a wonderful idea)
my fathers family came from Brassington area of Derby and I have done a lot of research on the following families
from all areas of Derbyshire,so should anyone get in touch with you with regards to the following surnames please tell
them to get in touch should they need anything ,on another level I still have a lot of family in Derbyshire so visit often
so should you need help then just ask
I also offer my help for free has does everyone on the sitewe are a:) bunch of people
Kushti Bok(Good Luck) with your site it`s a wonderful idea
Romany Rose x
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