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Diana Violet Walker. 1930 - 2002


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Diana V Walker married Jan Romanski/Ronianski in 1947 Eton District, Bucks.

Date of birth is given as 7 July 1930 at death.

I can find no birth reg for her.

She is my niece and nephews Grandmother.

Can anyone find a birth registration for her.:confused:

No luck Steve.

If the calculation was one year out then a search Sep 1929 - Dec 1931 no hits that look likely.

I also searched with no family name looking for mmn Walker and again no luck.

If she died in 2002 she wouldnt be online in the records for 1939 would she :confused:

That was the first place I checked Gibbo. But in conversations with her many years ago, her parents lived in Marlow, Bucks.
I did check for Walkers in Marlow, and there are a 19 in all, but i couldn't realistically tie down her parents, without checking the actual original registers.
Even doing that, it still might not give any answers.