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Did she marry ??

Hi ,,another problem i need to try and solve ,,Rose ethel Willams born 1905 Ross on wye gave birth to 2 daughters registerd in Ross 1927 and 1929.I know for sure she married in 1941 to a Richard James price,,until death in 1955..I have searched for a marriage around those years but could not find one that seem to fit,,and dont want to risk spending money on a birth certifacate for it to show the two daughters as Father not Stated...The two daughters were named as WILLIAMS,,so unless she married a WILLIAMS,,did she marry at all before 1941,I also know Richard James Price is NOT thier Father....
The 1941 marriage certificate should tell you whether she was a spinster, Widow, Divorcee, etc. If you purchase that you will know whether you have to look for a further marriage.