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Didn't they do some weird things, our ancestors!


Well-known member
March, Cambs
Hi everybody!! ;D

Whilst trawling through more parish registers in search of those elusive ancestors, I found that a lot of people are recorded, by affidavit, as being buried in wool. What's all that about!?! It was recorded in the burials register (obviously!!) but why make mention of it? This is around the mid-1700's. Am I right in thinking that there was a big problem with smallpox at this time? Was this anything to do with it? Or did they just want to be really comfy in the afterlife?? :2fun: Also, why does it say in the parish registers that some people were buried 'in accordance with the 1880 Burials Act' or something like that?? Were these people from outside the parish, people whose relatives couldn't afford to pay for the funeral or people who hadn't been baptized?? Just wondering!!

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