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Disembarkation records for Marseilles

I am looking for tips on where to track down disembarkation records (of ships) for Marseilles. I am trying to track down my mother's arrival into europe from India as an infant. We know that she disembarked at Marseilles in the summer of 1938.

I have made good progress on other journeys made by her parents arriving and departing in the UK but this French arrival has me stumped.

All tips gratefully received.
Hi Irene.

Not sure how comfortable you would be, by providing your mother details on here.
It would help us to find any possible records that may exist.

Failing that, I'm sure you'll receive some suggestions, as where to look.

Good hunting.

Anne LOW (infant) travelling with Alexander John Durno LOW
July / August /September 1938. India to Marseilles - no idea what route.