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DNA GENES and family history

when trawling through the records it often occurs to me just how much we can learn about our own medical histories,as an adopted child i never had any information about any inherited medical conditions,and after giving birth to my own 3 children who whom there where problems,i never gave a thought really that it could be inherited,both sets of in laws and parents ,came up with the usual oh nothing like that in our family,well how wrong can you be.roll the clock forward to the 90s ,a private dna test and oh dear , you all have a genetically inherted condition,inherited from my biological father,who i finally found about 4 years ago , ironically it missed his 2 sons and we got the worst of it..but we have so much to learn from all this information.hopefully one day like they have with breast cancer we can start to indentify all these inherited conditions,by looking into family historys and save some familys a lot of heartache.

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