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DNA query


To have a DNA test done with ancestry or the likes of do i have to be a paid member?

The other query i have is if there is a particular person who i think is my grandfather [deceased], is his 7th cousin to far down the track for his and my DNA to be compared to tell me im one of theirs? The fella who i think is the grandfather had no other kids so there isn't anyone overly close besides nieces and nephews perhaps, tho i did manage to track his 7th cousin down who i have emailed to discuss DNA with but wasn't sure if we were close enough related for it to be of any benefit. Could always have it done i guess and see if anyone else is a closer match than a 7th cousin such as nephews etc?
Seems 7th cousin is to far down the track to be of any benefit for what i was looking for. Still if i do get it done maybe someone closer might pop up.
I have loads from 1st -8th Cousins ,some with connected trees ,unlinked trees, no trees,private trees. .Really wanted Irish connections with trees, but not a lot showing. I don't bother with it now, too many to go through . Would like for one of my issue to have it none ,to bring in my Husbands side.

Predicted relationship: 1st–2nd Cousin
Shared DNA: 936 cM across 40 segments
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