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DNA Questions on Death


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Nottingham, England.
DNA seems to be a huge growth area in Family History /Genealogy

We are all encouraged to test the DNA of our older generation relatives whenever possible, by the DNA companies concerned. They are all actively pushing this more and more.

But, this brings us to a rather sensitive subject to -

What happens to the DNA and the test results when someone dies?

Should my older generation's will specify who gets the DNA results? And will companies accept this Legal Will?

Specifically, are there any standards across the industry for how this is handled in the UK (or elsewhere)?

From what I have seen, there are NO indications or answers from any of the main DNA suppliers!

Once again, shoddy work by the main companies in my mind!

Let us know your thoughts and any literature of companies that answer this question folks

Maybe this is a question you should be raising, not just on this particular question, but on a lot of our Family History / Genealogy we share around many web sites!

Ask that question now

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