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In researching "Morrow" came across a site doing DNA matches on the Morrow's(and other names). They sounded interesting. So I read their info. I have some questions, hope some one has some answers.
1. They check the male line only, so you have to have the same last name as one of their streams to be check to see if you match. As my link is via female line will do me no good to take the test.(plus cost). why is the female line not a valid check?

2. They are basing their stream matches on family histories compiled by famly members. So what if the family history is wrong, what does that do to the DNA line?

3.Have read where the DNA of group of people had been traced to 6 or 7 wemen in prehistoric times. If others can trace via female line, why not these people?

4. Is this a con?
Hi Laxdoc,

I don't know which company you are looking at for DNA testing but it does sound suspect.

Through my Clan society I was directed to FTDNA which not only has a large database of individual records but is also linked to an American university. The TFDNA website also has a lot of information on DNA, testing, and what the results mean. Definitely worth a look even if you don't use their services.

In simple terms, you have two types of DNA.

One (Y-DNA) comes down through your direct male ancestors i.e. your father, from his father, from his father, etc.

The other (mtDNA) comes down through your mother who got it from her mother, who got it from her mother, etc.

Hope this helps.


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