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Dobson of chester history

Hello all you clever people! I have another problem which I am convinced you can solve. I have a William Dobson born abt 1690 married Anne Watkinson abt 1712, first son Richard born 1713/1714 living in Hatherton Cheshire, after that family living at Wybunbury Cheshire the rest of the family total of 7 other children born there, William also buried in St Chads, Wybunbury parish church cemetery 26 Jan 1764. On one source he is listed as a "husbandman". I would like to know who the mother and father are so I can trace the family further back than 1690, and where they lived. I know you all like a challenge so there you are. Best of luck Phil.
Hi I reckon this is your William. Baddiley in Nantwich district

William Dobisson
England, Cheshire Bishop's Transcripts, 1598-1900
christening: 01 Mar 1695 Baddiley,​ Cheshire,​ England
residence: 01 Mar 1695 ,​ Aston-​by-​Sutton,​ Cheshire,​ England
parents: Richard Dobisson,​ /

digital folder number: 4011855


EDIT found later

https://www.familysearch.org/search..._givenname:richard~ +father_surname:dobbison~

You are lucky in that Richard has both parents names.

Hi Dave.
Thank you for replying so soon, and thank you for your input. I have seen the entry regards the christening 01 Mar 1695, but could not definitely link it to the William Dobson in my tree. The approximate area is correct, as is the name and the date, well as close as we are likely to get. I found the reference to the residence in Aston-by-Sutton, but you say about Richards parents names and I can`t find any reference for that, and no spouse for Richard at all. I have William married to Anne Watkinson, his father Richard "Dobisson" but that is all. On the link to the wikipedia.org/wiki/Baddiley site I found in the History section that Baddiley was linked to the Mainwaring family who I know are connected to one of William`s sons (another Richard) so it`s all in the right area. I have tried as many points of reference as I can think of, but don`t seem able to get any further than I am. Thanks for the help so far, I just hope that you have seen something that I have missed. Phil
Hi Dave.
Have looked at the entry you mentioned but this Richard is christened 07 Apr 1700, the Richard I need is William`s father with William being christened 01 Mar 1695 although I have a birth date of 1690 (I don't know if this delay was normal, it seems to be a long gap?). Since William was born 1690 his father must have a birth date pre 1670? I have a burial for William 26 Jan 1764 digital folder number 4019166. I found a reference to a Richard Dobbe burial 22 Nov 1637, with a father Richard Dobbe, event place Bunbury Cheshire. Digital folder number 4018323. If this is the right family there is a gap between the 1637 burial and the 1670ish birth. Im starting to loose track of all these Richards!! I`m sorry if I have misled you in any way but I thank you for your help so far. I bet you wish about now that you hadn`t started this. Thanks Phil.

I don't think I've got my head round your Richard yet.

I thought that Richard and Mary Hulme could be the parents of Richard 1700 and several others on the record, including your Wlliam in 1695

Hi Again Dave.
I`v been having another look at the history, and possible ancestors since last writing, the only problem is it`s all guesswork.
I found a
Richard Dobisson b 24 Oct 1669, Dig f No 4018825
his sister Anne b 17 Mar 1666, ,,

twenty years earlier
His Father
Richard Dobson b abt 1645 ( this date is a guess )

a Richard Dobb b 26 Feb 1626, Dig f No 4018328
his brother Thomas b 18 Mar 1627, ,,
his sister Margaret b 25 Mar 1664, ,,

twenty years earlier
His Father
Thos (Thomas) Dobbs b abt 1606, ( this date again is a guess)

I have checked all the entry's in the parish records for the appropriate years and area and these seem the most likely, the problem is that they don`t follow through hence the guesswork based on the idea that the father was about 20 years old when he had a family. Not exactly accurate but the best I can do at this time. I look forward to your observations when you get your head round all the Richards. Great isn't it, this ancestry investigation, come back Sherlock Homes, all is forgiven!! All the best phil.