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Wallsend. Newcastle, NSW
Could someone please tell me where Doncaster Eng. is. I found a death for Ann Milner in 1909 at Doncaster, I think she maybe an ancester of mine. If she is, she moved around a lot. She was born in Kent, 1837, the daughter of John and Jane Stow. She married John Milner 1862 at Clerkenwell. Before that she lived in Islington.Her son Albert was born in London Middlesex, also another two children born in Ventnor, Isle Of Wight Hampshire. I'm wondering if all these places are reasonably close to on another, and also Doncaster.
Still can't find a marriage for John Stow and Jane Bannister in the early 1800's.
Hi pixiemutt2,

Doncaster is 15 miles or so north east of Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
Link: Google Maps to Doncaster
Google is great for genealogy to find those elusive villages, towns or cities.

If she is, she moved around a lot
She really did! :)

Clerkenwell. Before that she lived in Islington
Both of these are in London. Clerkenwell and Islington is just north - so is nearby.

Ventnor, Isle of Wight
link is a fair way from Doncaster!
256 miles away to be exact! (about 5 hours 18 mins by road now days!)

All the best,
Are you sure its the same Ann Milner? Have you tried looking her up in the 1901 census to see where she is then. She could have moved to Doncaster. I have relatives who moved from Kent to Sheffield. The area was expanding rapidly and there were lots of work to be had and good wages.