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Don't believe the 1921 Census transcriptions

I have just purchased both the transcription and the image for my father's family in 1921. The transcription has my grandmother entered twice, once born 1883 and once born 1886 which is correct. My father and his sister both appear with the notation "Orphan, parents dead" which is not true, it was just their father who was dead. The image of the original only has my grandmother entered once with the correct birth year. Both my father and aunt have the note "Father dead" next to their names. I take it the people who did the transcriptions had difficulty reading English.

I then looked for my mother's family and my granfather is down on the index as Harold Edward when his name was Harold Ernest, so I'm not even bothering to go any further and waste money purchasing duff information.

So, caution, the information given could not only be wrong but misleading.
I had already decided to just purchase the original to save money and only buy the transcription if absolutely necessary. Not tried it yet though
I had decided not to bother, and waste time and money,

Then curiosity got the better of me. Only 5 copies required, so I went ahead and got them all first time, no bother.
The only one that helped with what I never knew, was that my Gt, Granny was still alive in 1921.(And I can't still find her death).

All the others were a waste of time really, and they were 'stick in muds' and never moved.
I have been very busy though with the 1921 census release.

I remember the 1901 census site crashing 20 years ago due to overload.
As I had an uncle that stripped my grandparents house before any other member could see what was there, at long last my cousin has found that my maternal grandfather, Frank Roland Locke was born in Weymouth in Dorset. Despite extensive search, including all you very nice people a few years ago, we have never found a birth certificate - 29 February 1888. My cousin is the expert, I'm the junior clerk (enough problems with the Welsh side) but we are hoping to move forward. Out of curiosity, does one still get copies of Birth and Death from the GRO - any updates on the brickwalls of yesteryear would be much appreciated. Very many thanks. A Blwyddyn Newydd Da - Happy New Year.
Birth, Marriage and Death certificates can still be ordered from the GRO. You can only search the Birth and Death Indexes on the site. All as it was pre Covid. And a Happy New Year to you!