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Don't throw away our family heritage!


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Please, please, look through your attic, cupboards or garages!
Did you know that this valuable genealogical material may well be rotting away in your attic, cupboards or garages. You or your family may have packed up a beloved relatives belongings when they passed away and have not gone through it since then. If you are reading this, now is the time to go through these valuables.

It's amazing what gets ruined or thrown away every day that may be evidence to your own existence or a relatives' existence on this earth. Most people think these things may not be valuable to anyone. The things you may think is rubbish/trash could be gold nuggets waiting to be discovered to those researching our family.

I really would like to think that not just my children remember me, but their children and their children to come. So I will be making some sort of pack, with most of my families history/information, together with all my genealogy information. I will also add this to my will (when I make one that is!).

I will also be adding some of this information around the internet.


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