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Don't you just love technology!


Loyal Member
dovercourt but born Enfield
When I upgraded our internet to Fibre(well to the cabinet) I thought all those slow days would end - surprise surprise NO!:'(
As you have to have the router connected to the main phone socket which is situated near the front door, a trifle inconvenient as the PC is 2 rooms away and not wishing to have the floor up I thought(foolishly) 'Why not get network over power gizmos'
A few pounds later had same device and worked straight out of the box, giving speeds of 50mbs, lovely.
When the wife goes on the PC, she says its not working, 'What have you done now'
On checking it has lost it's connection to the master socket, many hours of web searching(when it allowed) showed I was not alone but alas very few answers to the problem :mad:

So the answer seems to be to run a cable, maybe when I feel like all the trauma of lifting carpets then floor boards etc

The fix to keep connected is to run a command window and continually ping the router - this appears to work with no loss of speed.




Loyal Member
Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
In my previous home, my PC was no more then 10 feet from the phone socket, as the crow flies. The connection was slow, and very often dropped out all together.

I fiddled and fa**ed about, but to no avail. The lead from the phone socket to the PC was about 30 foot long, so I wondered if there was a breakage of wires inside it. As these cables are so cheap, I replaced it with a 10 foot one, by moving the PC to the opposite wall, thereby moving the PC closer to the socket.

The old cable was checked out to be sound, with no breaks. But the difference of a 20 foot shorter cable was amazing. Not being a techie, I never realized the cable length would affect it that much.redf):2fun:


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