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Dozy Dogs


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
As you may have guessed by now, I have a few chickens.
I have fenced off an area for them with posts. Outside of the posts I have attached stock fencing. This is made up of 6 inch wire squares.
And on the other side of the posts, I have attached fine mesh chicken wire, this looks like 3/4 inch hexagons wired together.
So there is about 8 inches of 'no mans' land between the 2 layers of wire fencing.
My dogs spent the first 2 days barking at the chickens, who in turn looked at the dogs with a totally chilled out stare, as if to say 'chill out dude'.:cool:
Since then my dogs have been sticking their heads through the first layer of wire fence and essentially headbutting the chicken mesh.:D

Now. Who remembers the cartoon Tom & Jerry, and especially when Jerry mouse whacks Tom with a frying pan, and leaves a perfect impression of Toms head in the frying pan.
Now picture a run of 90 foot of chicken wire with the outline of my dogs heads, preserved perfectly 'a la Tom.
About 30 odd wire dogs heads looking at the chickens.

I have now covered the chicken side of the fence with corrugated iron sheets.
It's only a matter of time isn't it..................... Corrugated dogs heads.:rolleyes:

Animals, doncha jus luv em.:kissu:

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