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I have been looking at my great grandfathers details records on the cencus of 1901 and i cant quite work out what his occupation i think its saying brewers drayman?

Please could sombody take a look and try and work out what its says.
Many thanks.

hi Joe, I also agree with Julie and Sterico that this reads brewers drayman, but the reason I,m writing is to let you know that Twaittes Brewery in Blackburn, Lancs, still operate drays (horse drawn) and still employ draymen. They have a good museum and offer photos and information. I dont have address to hand but I'm sure it would be easy to find. If you are interested in more info about this, but cant find the site, give me a shout
best wishes
Wow :eek: thanks for the information on Twaittes Brewery. It has given me a better idea on what my great granfather woulld of been doing.:) Is there anyway of finding out who he actually worked for and then possibly finding a photo of an actual horse and cart.
I know from the cencus of 1901 he lived in Walthamstow so i guess it was a brewery near by. Also i know from then he went to be a driver of the early horse drawn trams then on to busses. i would love to find details and possible photos of these times any ideas???
Hi Joejoerey1,
dont know if this will help,
City of London Brewery Co Ltd, Hour Glass Brewery, Upper Thames Street. Founded by 1431 and was acquired by the Calvert family in 1759. Registered in 1860 as above and was reconstructed as the New City of London Brewery Co. Ltd in 1891 and was reverted to the original title in 1895. Due to increased trade, brewing was transferred to the Swan Brewery Fulham in 1922 and the Hour Glass Brewery was used as a warehouse. Brewing continued at Fulham until 1926 when many public houses were sold to Hoare & Co. Ltd. In 1919 Nalder & Collyer's Brewery Co Ltd of Croydon was acquired. The majority of the Nalder & Collyer tied houses were sold to Ind Coope Ltd in 1936. The Hour Glass Brewery was destroyed in an air raid. The final connection with the brewing trade ended in 1968 with the sale of 20 public houses to Allied Breweries, but the company is still in existence as an investment trust.
Only one takeover, apart from the Wenlock Brewery Co Ltd, has been made by a brewery outside London. This was when Tollemache Breweries Ltd of Ipswich acquired Collier Brothers, Essex Brewery, St Jamess Street, Walthamstow in 1920. Founded by Williams Hawes in 1859. Brewing ceased in 1972 and the brewery has been demolished.
I did a quick search on google and found the above, if you enter Walthamsow breweries you will find a lot of info on breweries around the Walthamstow area, hope this helps you a bit.
best regards StericoO0
Thank you Sterico for a most comprehensive and helpful reply.It has certainly given me plent of avenues to try. According to the cencus of 1901 it says that he was born in Mistley Essex which low and behold had a brewery. I guess that is where he started in the Drayman trade. But cant be certain of that.

From the list of Breweries you gave me where would be a good place to start searching records to find if he worked for any of them???
Hi again Joe,
just read your post about your man moving on from being a drayman to tram driver etc, and its only a coincidence I know, but you remember we discussed my walsh family?, well my grandad started of as a horse trap driver also and then went on to the early electric trams. I do have some photos of both if you are interested in seeing them
Hi yes i would be very interested to see them.

My Grandfather married an Margaret Evangeline Walsh in 1928 registered in Willesden. Her father was Edward Samuel Walsh but no occupation is listed on the wedding certificate for him.

It was my great grandfather who was the drayman and tram driver and by 1928 his occupation is listed as bus driver.

I have not spent any time searching the Walsh side as yet i am awaiting the Birth certificate to arrive for my grandmother then i will have som more info on the Walsh side.
A couple of years ago I was working as a drayman in cornwall (not horse drawn of course, but the job title is still the same), and got talking to one of the old boys who had worked drays for years, he told me that draymen used to be headhunted by tram and bus companies because they had the experience in dealing with delicate loads.
Aparently when an ordinary goods driver or carter went on the buses they would often give the passengers a rough ride, their loads had never complained before!, some drinks, particularly real ales do not travel well, and to get them to the pub in a drinkable state the drayman had to give them a smooth ride, so draymen were generally sought after as drivers because they didnt rattle the passengers all over the bus!
might explain your ancestors job change?