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Druley, Druly,Drewly, Drewley UK & US

Hi, My name is Barbara. I live in Idaho (NW U.S.), and have been working on the Druley line or a couple of years now. I have exhausted all U.S. family lines that I can tell, and am trying to find the link back to England primarily. The U.S. line I'm working appears to start with Nathan Druley (b: 1722), or Nicholas & Samuel Druley (b: 1780s approx); however, there are rumored to be some with the Druly name in the New York area (I'm still looking for them).

The surname is found in UK censuses is spelled in various ways including Druley, Druly, Drewly, Drewley...you get the picture. It's pronounced "drew-lee" so I'm interested in all variations.

I have found some individuals in the following regions:
1500s - Limpsfield, Surrey, England
1700s - Andover, Hampshire, England

Anyone who is working a tree with these surnames, I would sure like to hear from you. Especially if they immigrated to the U.S. Also if you're interested, there is a Druley family website, and a Druley cousin connection site on Yahoo.

Thanks, and if I can help with any U.S. sites or information, please ask and I'll see what I can do!

Barb Druley
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