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Dual birth entries.


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I have one child with 2 birth entries. The only difference on both is the childs surname. And both these surnames are relevent.

The child was born out of wedlock, so is it a requirement to have the child registered in both unmarried parents name, individualy.

I cannot give the names, as this was registered in 1963.

Hi Steve,
As far as I know it was"nt necessary to put the Father"s name on a birth certificate I think "Father Unknown was pretty common at one time.
Remember the reference to Triggers Birth Certificate on "Only Fools & Horses", under Fathers name it said "Some Soldiers"
Happy Hunting
Luv Mo xx
So why would someone enter the same child with different surnames. Once under the mothers name, and again under the fathers name.

Any answers to this.


Hi Steve.

I myself have 2 registrations of birth :) , one in 1957 which my mother did as soon as I was born and another when my 'father' devorced his first wife and married my mother in 1959. although I now have doubts as to my real father. was it my 'father' or my supposed half brother, I can't ask the neccessary question for fear of upseting my now elderly mother. We never can tell the true accuracy of Birth Certificates like this.

Will I be able to order both copies of these certs. That way I might be able to get more answers.


Hi Steve.

I presume that you mean my two certs. ? I have absolutly no objection, feel free. I think you have my details but if not you can E mail me, sorry but my original of the second one is in pieces and I have never seen the first one.:confused:

I hope this will help you.:)

hi steve,i dont know if this will help but once a child is registered you have 1 year to change any entries with out it affecting the register,after the year is up if the mother wanted to put the father on the cert or change the childs name to the father's name she would have to re register the child under said new name.This could explain why the child is registered under 2 names.
Hope this helps.