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Duarte family coat of arms

Dear community members,

I'm currently researching the biography of one Diego Duarte, a seventeenth-century Antwerp merchant of Portuguese (Jewish) origins. I am, however, a complete ignoramus when it comes to understanding the meaning of a coat of arms. Diego's grandfather (buried in a catholic church in Antwerp) and great-uncle (buried in a Jewish cemetery in Holland) both had the following coat of arms on their tomb:

Diego however, used a slightly different coat of arms (with two lions, a complete tree and instead of a rose, three stars, and another star in the crest --please forgive me if I use the wrong terms).

Of course I am curious to know what a coat of arms can tell me, and why it was changed. Does anyone know how to interpret this, i.e. what books/sources I should consult? What websites should visit?

I ask these questions here, on a British forum, because Duarte was for some time "Jeweller in ordinary" to King Charles I and perhaps the changes in the coat of arms can be explained by that: after his stay in England Duarte describes himself as a nobleman.

Please forgive me my impertinent questions,
Many thanks in advance

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