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Duckweed Country.


swindon wilts
Delivered to Doncaster and Rotherham today and though a long day very enjoyable....after departing Scawsby(Doncaster) it took the A630 to Rotherham...past Cusworth Hall and onto the district of Edlington.
Past a lovely looking old Coop building dated 1912 that is now a stonemasons then onto Connisborough and past a massive fish and chip shop named Kenny's.
Before that i was rather interested in a rather glum looking old water tower...nice old feature on the road,past the Dolomite Quarry.
The road onto Rotherham and eventually the Hilltop Hotel and a grand old view of Rotherham sat in its timeless valley with the diminuetive River Rother skirting the town.
Then past the village off Hooting Roberts.....love it and surely named after a jazz player from the past....into the small village of Thrybergh,which had me drooling because of the lush golf course within its boundarys.
Then another village named Dalton and its Chippy called Greens....to early even for me ans so eventually into Rotherham itself and down the rather tired looking Fitzwilliam Road...i noted a church of distinction surrounded by scaffold in the distance yet the low bridge grabbed my attention more....onto Parkgate and my delivery was done.
On the way out i noticed Wath Upon Dearne as a destination....a new one on me....passing CJ Booths and some great looking old warehouses i was on my way....sorry to see the Canklow Arms no more....raised to the ground i think.

Sorry i couldn't see Duckweed...both to busy but one day i hope to go back.....the Rotherham's off this world are my cup of tea.:)
A blast from the past but with a defining hint of the future no doubt.:)
There are a lot of great places in Rotheram and thereabout. My favourite is the little chapel on the river in the middle of Rotherham, very old and tiny. You can see the marks of the lead shot fired in the civil war, where the Grammar school boys tried to hold off a huge Royalist Army with one cannon.
I can't believe you past the Chippy's.:2fun::2fun:

Nor me...Greens looked a good un.
What were the old warehouses by Booths Duckweed? i am guessing linen or hat making?,are they saving some as i noticed a lot had been pulled down along with the Calkow pub a bit further up the road.