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Duckweeds Guide for Beginners


Loyal Member
Here is a guide for beginners based on my experience.

First gather as much family anecdotes previous addresses photos you can find. Then start by using a document birth marriage or death to start your search. Remember family stories may be faulty. I spent ages looking for a Scottish Ancestor who turned out to be born in Lancaster (his mother was Scottish.

If you can go to local Family History Centre (usually in a central library or local archive) do as you will get so much there free, even if your family comes from another county you will still have access to the GRO index (goverment Records Index) which list births marriages and deaths since 1837.

If you can't do this. Here are a few free sites to help you start your research but remember basing all your evidence on online sources alone is not advisable.

This lists births marriages and deaths from 1837 - 1910 , it will also give you a link to some census records improving but still patchy and parish records still patchy but worth looking at.

These are Parish records and I have found them on the whole reliable but many records haven't been transcribed for various reasons so whole timescales are missed out and some towns.

This can tell you where most people with your family name were in 1881. Helps to find where your family originates from.

Gives you views of old county maps helps you work out if the reason for differing birthplaces is because they are close together.

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