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Duplicate register entry with different surname

Found a marriage that I'm sure is the one I want - but the register page lists it twice. Leonard R marries Gillian A (Surname), then again marries Gillian A (Surname 2) both on same page.

I'm sure I've seen this situation before, but this isn't a transcript error - wife's surnames are totally different.

I'm doing this for a very distant relative by marriage who I don't know well, so I don't want to ask if they know anything about it until I'm sure what's going on!
I haven't looked at the children yet, apart from the one making the query with me. Seems an odd way to list if the bride has two previous names - she can only be married under her current legal name. But this was the seventies - so who knows what was happening!

Thanks for that suggestion.
After a couple of hours in the library, I found it was two men, with the same name, who both married women with the same first name and middle initial on the same day at the same place!