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durham electorial rolls

I am looking for a

John Oliver Snook Cottage Seaton in 1917

I want to find out when he moved to Hartlepool/seaton area
as Married in Derbyshire

I wonder if anyone can help with the years before and after 1917 PLEASE

i live just outside seaton carew,its part of hartlepool this is were it gets confusing.hartlepool has been in its time county durham, county cleveland and various other parts of county durham, i have found a relative today born in west hartlepool co,durham cumberland and thats even a new one on me. i was not aware that we where ever part of cumberland.hartlepool has always been the headland and west hartlepool ,and this was amalgamated into hartlepool in the sixtys i think.wil have a wander round seaton and see if i can find the cottage most of the old buildings are still standing its a small seaside resort.did he remain in seaton or move away and have you checked the 1911 census.
Hi Sweetlady.
I have found that if you ask Google where anywhere is, it comes with a reply !! Dimple Crich is near Matlock, Derbyshire. Try it ! There are some houses for sale there if you were so inclined.

thanks for those replies much appriciated to know someone reads the messages

yes the dimple is in Crich and it looks from the 1911 census to be a street, or row, there are many of them, but NO no. 12 in the 1911 census which i believe is the address and the name Oliver does not appear so we think this is why now, only just got the address from another reletives birth cert.

they moved to 19 snook cottages seaton sometime after 1911 as we have the birth on a sibling at the dimple 1911, then 19, the snook seaton appears on the other children till, 1925 when they appear to be on sandy lane in Crich, so I was wondering if i could fill the gaps with the electorial rolls.

thanks susan would be great if it is still there, wonder if it appears on googleearth??

thanks for looking around for us.

Crich is famous now for the tram museum, a lovely place to visit and Crich was also used for the TV series a Derbyshire practice.
looks like snooks cottages has gone, looked at a few places to see if could get any info,but no go seaton has change so much since i was a kid.tried to find some old photos but nothing so far but will have a looksee next time im in our central library see if there is any reference books with some piccies.was part of north gare,but thats all sand dunes and beach now,must be all that global warming they keep ranting on about.