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Durward Brown

Seeking information on Durward Brown, b. Fifishire, Scotland about 1858, educated as an Architect, 1901 census shows him at 3 Marina Court, Bexhill. (Is that near London, UK?) Thanks.

Bexhill is where my Oxford born great grandmother was in the 1911 census. It is near Hastings in East Sussex.

Durward is on the 1891 census in Holdenhurst, Hampshire, born Newton, Fife, aged 31, an architect visiting Browne Hall, Poole Road, Holdenhurst. No spouse, children or other relatives are with him.


Durward Brown was braught to Bexhill and was a big name in the buildings of the town in the early 1900s....he also did a fair bit of work in London.
The Towns Grand Hotel was built to his designs along with various other buildings in the town.
Its worth mentioning that the Victorian era was massive for places like Bexhill as its when the masses first started going to seaside towns for there holidays....countless towns on the coast around the country battled for the trade...Weston Super Mare,Clevedon in the West...Brighton,Bexhill,Bognor on the south coast,Southport,Wigan Blackpool in the North West...Yarmouth in the East.
Good architects were braught in(at big expense) to build grand buildings...Durward Brown was one of these.
Incidently railways were the moving factor in all this...it gave working class familys a way of getting to the coast at reasonable cost...in fact it was almost free for the railway workers and twenty thousand of them would leave from my home Swindon to various resorts...Tenby or Weymouth etc...Weymouth was named Swindon on Sea for one week of many years!
It was(and still is) known as The Trip.
Anyway i digress...good luck on your research on Durward Brown and welcome to the site...which i know you will find a good one....Lee.

My great grand mother lived in Hastings Road, Bexhill and was a servant to H Lutrell Moysey, a retired civil servant.

Great Yarmouth is my local town. It is about the same size as Bexhill. I was born in Great Yarmouth.

To leefer;
Thank you for your very interesting reply. I had no idea that Architect Durward Brown was that well known! I will check further and see what I can find. I am wondering if he married, had children, though according to some research he was single, living at 41 Hyde Park Square, London, in 1911/1912, but at present I do not have access to the 1911 census.
Thanks for your replies to my inquiry about Durward Brown. Seems he was a reasonably well known architect in London around 1910 and later. Several building, mostly hotels it seems are credited to him. Also in the 'social' pages of local newspaper, fashionably well-dressed etc.,