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Dyer, Dyet, Diet, Dyatt, or Dewar???

Washougal, WA, USA
My Great Grandmother was born as Helen Drummond in 1800 (baptized 1801) at Old Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland if I have the right birth record. Her parents show as Alexander Drummond and Helen Diet on the birth record. I found nine other children who I believe were born to the same couple, and Helen's surname shows as Dyer, Dyet, and Dyett and similar on records.

I did find what I feel is the death record for Helen Drummond, and her maiden name shows as "Dyer" on it. The death record was September 23, 1845 in Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland, and she was shown as 82 years old at death.

The couple seemed fairly old when they had children, but I think I have the right couple, as they were on the 1841 Scotland Census with a younger Daughter, Elizabeth Drummond. Helen and Alexander both showed as 80 years old on the 1841 census (I realize they rounded their ages for that census). The children I have attributed to Alexander and Helen were born from 1796 to 1818. It's possible there could be other children I don't have records for.

I'd appreciate thoughts about Helen's name. Dyer may be correct, but I've wondered which is correct? The family were traveller's or Gypsies it seems, and they had children in various locations.

When one of the children (Alexander Drummond Jr) had his own family they are on a census with a "Dewar" family, so I wondered if there could have been a family connection there. This was the 1851 Scotland census. Alexander and family are with an Alexr (a cotton weaver), Mary and James Dewar family. Alexander Drummond shows as a basket maker. The next family on the census is a Williamson family. I believe Alexander Drummond's brother, James Drummond and family are with the Williamson family. James is also a basket maker.

By searching, I have seen a number of Drummond/Dewar marriages.

Being in a travelling group, they may not have had a Church marriage, since it seems a lot performed their own marriages within their groups.

Thanks so much!!

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