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Easy recipe


Anyone can do this.

Step 1 .. Decide to cook
Step 2 .. Cut carrots and Beans to size.
Step 3 .. Combine ingredients with water in a saucepan.
Step 4 .. Switch on "high" and walk away talking on the phone.
Step 5 .. Swear when your still outside on the phone and can smell them burning.
Step 6 .. Rush in side and grab them of the stove and have a look to see the damage.
Step 7 .. Swear some more while serving them up to the bin.

Congratulations you now have a burnt saucepan just like me!!
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I'm no one to talk about cooking and FHUK, as the night before last I put a pasta bake type thing in the oven.
35 minutes at 180 degrees........after 70 odd minutes on here, I thought I'd better check it out.
It wasn't burnt as such, but the nice cheesy sauce that should have been quite liquid wasn't there........and the whole meal was like a lump of rubber.:eek:

I still ate it though, and the up side was......I never dripped the cheesy sauce down the front of me.:2fun:

I didn't need to wear a bib after all.:rolleyes::biggrin: