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Edith Alice Haigh ( Nee Sykes )

Hi All,

I'm trying to find the death of my great grandma I believe she died when my grandad was fairly young. He was born 1924 but i'm not finding a death certificate that matches anywhere near these dates. Mt great grandmother was born c1893 Sykes and was born and lived in Slaithwaite Yorkshire.
Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

Kind Regards

Sarah Curtis
Sarah, have checked up to 1934 and found a possible in September quarter. But age a bit out.
Haigh, Edith A, age 36 Huddersfield 9a 274.

However, there is an Edith Alice Haigh born Huddersfield Dec 1896.

EDIT going to have to leave it there as have a flight to catch sorry, going back to UAE.
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Re: Edith Alice Haigh ( Nee Sykes ) HELP PLEASE

Thanks for your replies.

I have now spent the last 4 days seaching the death indexes but have come up with Zip all I can't find an Edith A Haigh anywhere. Has anyone got any other ideas ?????



Hi Thanks for that.
I have looked this up but the age doesn't match. My Edith A was born 1893 and its listed in 1934 as being 35 which is 5 years difference. Is this possible to be so far out ??????
Hi Sarah,

There could be a number of reasons, the information is only as good as to what the informant knows, or it could have been misheard and written down wrong, could be a transcription error, or it may not be her!. If you hav'nt been able to find another death entry for her, perhaps it may be worthwile getting this certificate, then you'll know either way.

Thanks very much for your help i really appreciate it !!! I think I will end up ordering the certificate its just that using the census information I know her to be 5 years different and I have also managed to find her birth in 1893 so I didn't think it could possible but now i've started typing this i've just realised that if she was born 1893 this could have been misread as 1898 which would make her 35.......will definately order the certificate i've got to know either way !!!!!!