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Edmond Henry Payne

Herne Bay
Hi all

Would anyone be able to help me please??? struggling to get ref details for a Edmond Henry Payne's Birth Certificate (as my mother in law needs to order this) he was her father, but we are really struggling with finding details on him!!!!

Bit of a mystery man!!!!!

DOB: 18th Dec 1859

Place of Birth: Canterbury, Kent

Would be really grateful if you could assist with this.


Sue x:D
Hi Suzanne,

I havnt had any luck yet as to finding him. Have you his marriage certificate which will give the fathers name and occupation?
Hi Julie

Not to hand... unfortunately!!!! Mother in law may have it, would have to ask tomoro!!!!! i know he was a captain and riding master in the 5th Lancers and served in India and Africa

Married to: Dec 1885 (C/bury)

Emma Ann Maria Read
Born 1864
Canterbury, Kent

Don't know if this may help???

Thanks Julie

Sue x
Still looking. I assume you havnt the marriage certificate which would be a benefit as it would give the fathers name and occupation and the witnesses may be relatives

I don't have marriage cert here tonite, but will have to ask if M.I.L has it tomoro- sorry!!!! I can come back to you on that one if it is easier?????

hi all

only additional info i have for Edmond is the following:

Death Cert - 2a/572 (Canterbury), March 18th 1901


Marr Cert - 2a/1422 (Canterbury) 1885

don't know if that will help at all or if Mother in law just needs to order both of these????

thanks sue xx
Hi Suzanne,

The marriage cert should give his fathers name and occupation hopefully. But on the odd occasion it doesn't.

The death cert will give some info, depending on who the informant was.

The marriage cert would give more info, but I would order both, at £7 each and save the time and hassle.

Thank you for advice, have tried to explain this to the mother in law, that she needed to do this!!!!! but you know wot they are like!!!!! don't listen!!!!!!!! well mine doesn't anyway - thinks she knows it all - NOT!!!!!

Will make sure they get ordered, and thanks again