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Edward and Mary SMITH


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Assisted to NSW 'Irene' 1852 Sydney and/or Newcastle Reels 2136, 2463
SMITH Edward 34
SMITH Mary 34
Shelton 10
Louisa 8
Anne 6

Arrived 16 Oct 1852 - Reel 2463
Edward 34 Shepherd Wistowe Huntingdon England John & Rebecca Wistowe Huntingdon England P. Methodist Neither None Good None Paid £3-10 for self & family
Mary 34 - Ramsey Huntingdon England John & Jane Kilby Father dead Mother living at Ramsey Huntingdon England P. Methodist Neither None Good None
Shelton 10 - Ramsey Huntingdon England on board

Deaths for Edward and Mary ??

His wife was still alive when he died.

considerable amount of landed and other property, so that his aged and respected widow is provided for.

Just trying to find something on Mary to confirm the death in 1907.
Thanks gibbo.

Ellis Smith was born at Ginninderra, the third son of Edward and Mary Smith (nee Kilby) in 1856. At age twenty two he married Jane - one of the daughters of Thomas and Mary Southwell of Parkwood ...
County Huntingdonshire
Place Wistow
Church St John the Baptist
Phillimore's Transcript
Marriage 19 Oct 1802
Groom John SMITH
Bride Rebecca ELLIS

County Huntingdonshire
Place Ramsey
Church St Thomas A'beckett of Canterbury
Phillimore's Transcript
Marriage 10 Oct 1809
Groom John KILBY
Bride Jane SHELTON

Descendant's first names not middle names include Ellis and Shelton.

I don't have baptisms yet for Edward Smith or Mary Kilby. Both born abt 1818.
Might help with Mary's birth, in her obit

BORN 8TH OCTOBER, 1818 ; Died August
7TH. 1907.
....... Born at Ramsay, Huntingdonshire, England,
Census all found and deaths found.

Deaths Jun Qtr 1842 KILBY John [54] Huntingdon 14 135

Deaths Dec Qtr 1861 SMITH John [84] St. Ives 3b 167

Deaths Qtr Mar 1866 KILBY Jane 77 Huntingdon 3b 163

Deaths Qtr Mar 1866 SMITH Rebecca 82 St. Ives 3b 176
Jane nee Southwell.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Wed 25 Jul 1928 p.12
SMITH.-July 22, at her residence, Glenona Hall (F.C.T.), Jane, beloved wife of Ellis Smith, aged 68 years. At rest.

So far I can't find a funeral notice or burial.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Southwell, founders of 'Parkwood' who arrived in Australia in 1838 ...

NSW Death 10436/1881 SOUTHWELL THOMAS - SAMUEL - ANN J - QUEANBEYAN * 31 May * age 67

NSW Death 15139/1885 SOUTHWELL MARY - EDWARD - SARAH - GUNNING * 29 Apr *

I don't an arrival for Thomas before 1853.

Mary arrived in 1839.

Argyle' Arrived 1 Apr 1839
ROFF Edward 38 Kent Labourer Methodist R&W Mr J Marshall £18
ROFF Sarah 36 Kent Servant Methodist - £18
James 9 Kent £10
Hannah 14 Kent £10
Mary 12 Kent £10
plus other children

I don't have deaths for Mary's parents Edward & Sarah Roff.
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