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Edward Jackson 1797-ish Stoke on Trent

Hi Everyone, hope you're all keeping well and safe.

I have been struggling on this one for quite some time and not having much look unfortunately, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to shed some light. Here are the details I have so far:

41' Census: Age 35 / Occu: Engineer (Edward 15 / Thomas 5 / Mary 10 / Servant Ann Poole*)
51' Census: Age 54 / Occu: Millwright / Born in Hanley (Thomas 19 / Edward 25 / Sarah 24 from Wenlock, Salop - dau-in-law, who married Edward in 1850)
61' Census: Age 63 / Occ: Iron Founder / Born in Hanley (Mary 71 - wife Born in Hanley)
71' Census:

81' Census: Age 83 / Occu: Nothing - Lodger / Born in Hanley.

I can't find anything in the children's baptisms as to clues, other than first names. I don't have any marriage info or any idea's who his wife Mary could be. My closest suspicion would be Mary Poole of Madeley Shropshire marriage occurred in 1813 (However if born in 1797 it would make him a minor?). But the certif. doesn't give much away. One of Edward's sons, Joseph b.1818ish was possibly born in Shropshire.

I've checked some of the church registers for baptism/marriage/death in Stoke / Burslem / Hanley and not found anything. The family trade is Iron Moulder or Found / Millwright / Engineer and so far they haven't moved around.

I've probably missed off some information but please let me know if you need anything else and I can have a look for it.
Thanks @solidrock2 for the reply. I think in this case it might be a stretch to connect them as they are quite far away from the usual Burslem / Hanley area. But I will certainly add it to my possibilities list! Thanks again
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