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Edward Slade 1862

ps I would love any information you have on Joseph and Ann.

These are my Grandfather's notes

Harry Slades Notes:-

Records of the Families of my Father and Mother

Mothers maiden name "Tills"
Mother's Great Grandfather was a sergion in Colchester and was twice Mayor of that Town.

His son "John Newton Tills" was educated in that City (Colchester) and Studied for the Medical profession but did not complete his training as he could not stand the scenes of the operation thetre. He became a wine merchant in the city of London, but failed. He was afterwards Accountant in the Firm of Wyatt's Cement Manufactory. He Died of Cholera in 1833 after a few hours illness.

He left a son "John Tills" a Wine Merchant of St John St London, and left family:-
Ann Tills Married to Joseph Slade June 17th 1849
Alfred Tills Wholesale Newsagent at Hull,
Who had sons:- Richard Carpenter & Joiner who went to Austrailia
and Charles. Painter & Decorator

Jane. Spinster
Mary, Spinster


Of my fathers Family. The first record I have is of my Grandfather, Joseph Slade, a Tin Plate worker, living at Islington, London and died; 2nd 1863, He married Kezia (Harris.?) born 1802 died March 13th 1856 leaving family:-

Joseph Born April 27th 1825. married Ann Tills June 17th 1849
died Dec 31st 1871 leaving ten Children
Jemina born 16 Sept 1826 died 9 Nov 1826

Kezia was Sanderson not Harris.

Kezia Sanderson b 3 Apr 1802 d 13 Mar 1856


Hi Martin,

I realise I have left out Harry's Wife from the Family tree I have given you she was Mary Ann Cannon. b 9 Apr 1867 d July 1965 She was Cremated at Croydon Crematorium on 7 July 1965.

Ed :I found them. And for years I worked less than a block away.

Edward Slade - Burial Date 31/10/1909 The first child of Alfred Joseph and Elizabeth Jane (nee Stewart). McLeod St Pioneer Cemetery Cairns Section C Plot 553

Elizabeth Jane Slade - Burial Date 03/11/1916 Wife of Alfred Joseph Slade. Mcleod St Pioneer Cemetery Cairns Section C plot 554

Jane Isabella Slade - Burial date 05/01/1903 Wife of Edward Slade (1862-1914) (nee McGregor) Mcleod St Pioneer Cemetery Cairns Section C plot 555.

Mother, Daughter in law and grandson resting beside each other. I shall visit them this week. the Pioneer cemetery is one of the most restful and beautiful places in Cairns. I shall try to photograph it for you.

Alfred Joseph rests in the main Cairns cemetery:

Burial Date 15/09/1932 Martyn St Cemetery, Anderson St Cairns Section Monumental (MON) Row T1 Plot 2447 Area Monument West Side (MWS). I shall visit him as well.

Harry (Henry) Arthur Slade is listed on the Lone Pine Memorial in Gallipoli as well as the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia. Not bad for a Hairdresser, Grhs.

The Story of Alfred Joseph - Born 1886, married 1909. His wife Elizabeth was with child in 1909 but he did not survive (Edward 1909-1909). In 1914 another child Alfred Edward was also lost (1914-1914). In 1914 His Father Edward passed away. in 1915 his brother Harry (Henry) Arthur was killed in Gallipoli. In 1916 he lost his wife Elizabeth and an unnamed child in child birth (November 1916). A few months later he joined up and went to serve in world war 1. He survived the war and possibly re-married in 1931 to Mary Ellen Mills. He then passed away in 1932. Not a happy life. Alfred seems to have been a serious or at least precise person. on his enlistment form he says his age is 30 and 7/12ths. I rather suspect a dry sense of humour and a bright intellect. Not bad for a Sawyer.

The Father Edward Slade (1862-1914) has a 1905 QLD census record as co-habiting with a "Daisy Slade" (domestic duties) in Shield St Cairns (now one of the main streets in the city centre), though I can find no marriage record as yet or census records of either of them after 1905. His occupation at the time is listed as Clerk.
oh and PS: from what I can see Edward gave up his plot beside his wife for his daughter in law Elizabeth so she must have been much loved by them all. She was 26 when she passed away.
This is an interesting piece from the local Paper.

Cairns Post Tuesday 31 May 1932

On Saturday afternoon, at 3 o'clock on thé 7th instant Rev. Maurice Nixon married Mr. Stanley Willis, second son of the late ' Mr. R. Willis and Mrs. Slade, of Cairns,.to- Jessie Anderson Nibloe, second daughter of Mr. and Airs. H. Xibloe, also of Cairns. The bride was given away by Mr. C., ,H. Brough, of Messrs. Burns, Philp's, and wore à long frock of ivory satin beauté 'made with flared basque and bustle bow; The bridal veil was loaned by Mrs. Les' McClelland, of Ingham; and was beauti- fully embroidered, worn back from the face and held with a wreath of orange blossoms. Shoes and mittens matched her frock, and her bouquet of Eucharist lilies (grown by. Mrs. Munro in Port Moresby itself) and asparagus fern, was caught with a lucky horseshoe on long ribbon streamers. Mrs. A. Cane, sister . of. the bride, was matron of honor, in

a frock of ' pale pink georgette, the bodice and flared skirt edged with tiny frills. She wore a hat of Baku straw and carried a posy pf pink gerberas and ferns. Mr. R. J. Paul acted as grooms-


Mesdames Kerr and McLaughlin de cqratcd the church . beautifully with' mountain rose and ferns, while a huge white bell of confetti'hung in the centre of the aisle over the bride, showering her as she left the vestry after sign- ing the register. Mr. W; A. Bock pre- sided at the organ, and The Wedding Mardi pealed forth as the-happy couple left the church. During the signing of the register Mr. C. Forbes sang "Be- cause.' The reception, which was held at the bride's future home, was at- tended by about 50 guests, Mrs. P. C. Chatterton, in floral pink crepe de Chine, acting as hostess. The three-tier cake was made by the mother'pf thé. briae, and iced by a personal friend, Mjss.JL Lauric, and after this had'been . cut arid the usual toasts ' honored;" the happy couple left for Rona' Falls, for their honeymoon,. the bride's travelling cps: tume being of navy satin featuring th« new panel skirt, hat and shoes en suite being worn. The good wishes, of man} follow the newly married couple, á¡ Mrs. Willis had on a previous occasioi spent a holiday in Port Moresby, mak < ing many histing friends. .
Fix this

This is the Marriage of Mary Ellen's son I have Mary Ellen's Name as

Mary Ellen Laycock

she Married Richard Willis
They must have had at least 3 children

Stanley Willis ( Second Son) & Bonnie Willis

I have her Marriage to Alfred in 1931


OH that's just marvelous. THank you for that. He would have been alive for that wedding as well. I shall contact the paper and see if they have the article in their archives. There may even be a picture.


The digital version is at

that is the digital archive "The Cairns Post" 1909 - 1954

this is the notice of Alfred funeral on Saturday 17 Sep 1932


The funeral of the late Mr. Alfred Joseph Slade took place on Thursday morning,'moving from the residence, No. 3 Brisbane-street, and was-very largely attended Rev. Wilson Smith conducted a service at the residence and also officiated at the graveside. The floral tributes were from:-Loving wife and family, loving sisters, brothers-in law, nephews and nieces; Rose, Charlie, William and mother; the management Cairns Timber Ltd., employees Cairns Timber Ltd.. drivers and storemen Burns, Philp and Co. Ltd., Mr. and Mrs, Lou, Christensen, and family. Mr. and Mrs. D. Driscoll, .Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Speed, Mr. and Mrs. H. Cummings and Edwin and Mrs. Dyer, Mr. and Mrs. Cole, Mr. and Mrs. W. Northgate, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bergman and family,

Mr. and Mrs. F. .Bradford and fam- ily,. Lil, Fred and Jack Currie, Lena and Frank- Falls and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ted-Horwood and boys, Mr. and Mrs. H., Jensen and family, Mr. and Mrs. H.: Freudenberg and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. Turner and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. Jenkins and family, Mr. and Mrs. T. Templeton and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. Rice and Mick, Eileen, Clarrie, "Vlnie, Oriel; Mr. and Mrs. J, 'Collin, Mr.' and Mrs. Sands and fam- ily,- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Williams and family, Mr. and, Mrs J. Ross and family, Mr. and Mrs G. Gill, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Williams, Clarence and Olive and family, Ted Annie and fam ily, Charlie, Ivy and family: Mr. and Mrs. W. .Grant and family, E. M. Mc Grath and family, Mr. and, Mrs. H.Currie and family, R. Shanks and family, Mr. and Mrs. Maurer, Mr. and Mrs. P. Breen and family and, Mrs. Farrelly, Mr. and Mrs. P. Toohey and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Manly and family, Mr. and Mrs. C. Fry, Mr. and Mrs. E. Munroe and family, Mrs. Jen- sen and Bill, Mr. and Mrs. Gradidge and Glady, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Mayers, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Brand, Stanley and Jessie (Port Moresby), the Browne family, Mr. and Mrs. R. Rowe and 'family, Thel, Bill, Rex and Mrs. Barn- and, H. Granville and J. Leslie, Violet and Harry and George Metcalfe.
There is an WM Salde aged 19 arrived in Cooktown in 21 Aug 1883 aboard the Duke of Westminster departure was Plymouth England. This could be a typo? he would be about the correct age.
that would fit with the Australian census records that show him as "clerk" which at that time also meant shop assistant.
Sorry mate, things have been a bit hectic. Finally gone through the documents with my Grandmother, they are mostly enlistment, service, casualty and discharge documents for Henry Arthur and Alfred Joseph. I will be scanning them this weekend and I'll send you a list. Anything you are interested in you can have an electronic copy no worries. Some are photocopies and the handwriting is poor.

Henry is interesting, just quickly going through the paperwork he enlisted in August, got shipped off to the Torres Strait Islands, something contraversial happened and he got sent back a few months later, then he enlisted again.

Alfred seems to have had a tough time of it. In and out of hospitals, seems he was gassed. He also worked mostly with the machine guns during the war.

Thanks it would be interesting to have a list of what you have.

Among the war papers I have electronic copies of for Harry is a note that his Nephew H.G.Slade was wounded dated 22/5/15.

I don't have any other record of H. G. Slade so don't know where he fits in the tree?

Last edited:
That's interesting, I have no nephews in our tree that are anything close to HG Slade. The 22/5/1915 also is post mortem for poor Harry (Gran insists he be called Harry). The only possible slade nephews would have been between Alfred and Elizabeth, could be another non-survining infant perhaps. There was a New Zealand Henry Arthur Slade who also fought in the War, perhaps it's his nephew. The only others would be from Edwards Brothers and Sisters and they would be cousins. I have noticed on a lot of the signatures and handwriting that AJ (Alfred Joseph) looks very much llike HG so perhaps his brother had a mishap at home.

I have about 30 odd documents. Most of them are transfers, mobilisation movements for Alfred and Harry. Ship names, dates etc. Application to join up, attestments, medicals etc. The medicals give a brief description of the two, hair colour, eyes, height etc. Some correspondence between Alfred and the DoD regarding Harry's will, disposal of Harry's personal effects. Looks like Harry did enlist twice. Google the ship Kanowna, interesting read. After they were discharged he basically signed up again. There's a short transcript of this in the documents I've scanned as well. He was also a member of the Mareeba Rifle Club in 1914 (he and all his club mates signed up together) so I will contact them to see if they have any of his details or even photograhs perhaps.

I also have the marriage cert between THomas Samuel Bennett and Alice Annie Slade (my GGGran) (1923). The father Edward Slade has an occupation listed as Book Keeper.
It Makes sense that he was call Harry as that was what my Grandfather recorded him as on his tree. It just makes the records harder to find when it wasn't the name used on official documents.

I have no records about Arthur's first period of military service but the copy of the sign up paper I have for the second period says he served 2 7/12 years.

Interesting story about the mutiny in 1914.

AJ's first period of service was with the Australian National Forces and I"m yet to investigate it. Proper Army was the Imperial forces back then.

Harry was indeed a Hairdresser and he was apprenticed for two years to a Thomas Woodhouse in Mareeba in Far North Qld. Interestingly Thomas Woodhouse's wife seems to be quite prominent in the organisation of the establishment of a Hospital in Mareeba which still stands today. Census records as of 1913 don't show Harry living anywhere but as he was either 17 or 20 at the time he wouldn't as census then didn't count anyone under 21. The next census wasn't till 1917.