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Edward Slade Queensland



Edward was born on 21 July 1862 birth registered in Islington London.

He married Jane Isabella McGregor in Queensland in 1885 (Died 1903)

He married Hannah Jane Milner in 1904

He died in 1914 in Queensland.

It would be good to know when he sailed to Australia. The rest of the Family stayed in London. So I guess that it was not long before his marriage that he arrived as he will only have been 23 when he married.

The children I have are:

Alfred Joseph Slade 1886
Margaret Buchan Slade 1887 (Died 1887)
Unnamed Slade 1889 (Died 1887)
Jane Isabella Slade 1891
Henry Arthur Slade 1893 (Died 5 May 1915 WW1 Gallipoli)
Alice Ann Slade 1897
Edith Dorothy Slade Born 1898

I have copies of Henry's and Alfred's service record from WW1.

Any further information would be good.


Hi Edward,
I have had a look and cant find anything on him. You know he was here in QLD from the marriages but maybe he come in to Australia through NSW.
Have you searched the passenger lists for QLD and NSW? If not the links are below and i will keep looking and see if i can find something on him.



If someone could possibly look up the electoral register and see where he lived in QLD and work backwards from there. [just a thought cause i tracked one of mine backwards like that once]

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Ok Edward, im cutting a long story short here :rolleyes: I couldnt find anything on your fella so i looked up his sons army records and found they were in Cairns QLD :biggrin:
I then googled Cairns cemeteries and this copped up. It still dont tell you when he got here but it has burials of a Edward Slade, possible him and some of his family. Now i know they were in Cairns i will have a bit more of a dig around and see what comes up.


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Many thanks for all the work.

The cemeteries link has provided quite a lot of information about his family but does not appear to contain Edward himself.

There is an Edward Listed but died in 1909 which is the date of death for Edward son of Alfred who died as a baby > 1.

His Wife is also there JANE ISABELLA SLADE died 1903.

So lots of information to record on the tree.

I will have a look at the other links once I have recorded what I have found in the cemeteries.

Many Thanks

Edward is in the Constin St Cemetery in Mareeba, Queenland. Section: Prot B 180. Burial date is 17 Aug 1914.