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edward william marsden


New member
My grandfather Edward William Marsden, a Thames Lighterman, died on 25 Feb 1959 at Lansbury Lodge, Grundy Street Poplar. I have drawn a blank on where he is buried/cremated.

Can anyone help me with further information please, the Bow Cemetery closed in 1966, Mile End Cemetery.. no luck. If he followed any religion at all it probably would have been C of E St Saviours Poplar ?

Lansbury Lodge was an Old People's Home, but is now a Community Centre.

What have I tried so far? .... I paid a researcher at Docklands Ancestors to research his Apprenticeship Binding record and his BMD records which I now have. They said searching for a grave would be time consuming since most churches ran out of space around 1850 and he could be literally anywhere. I have searched off and on but with no luck.

He was buried (or possibly cremated) in the United Kingdom, most likely somewhere in London, possibly in the Tower Hamlets in London. I think it would have been London as he was living (until his death) in a retirement home at Lansbury Lodge, Grundy St. Poplar, LONDON E 14

Any suggestions/pointers/information would be greatly appreciated as I have been living “dunnunda” in Australia for many years and am unable to do the necessary UK legwork required due to my increasing age.

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