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Egypt,Libya and the Middle East.


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swindon wilts
I really admire the tenacity and bravery of the people of these countries.
The majority are just like me and you....working hard and bringing up a family....they have had enough.....the time for these ridiculous low life dictators is nigh.....Mugabe and the Tyrant in Iran will be next hopefully.
All peoples have a wicked minority....the few Muslims who are spreading terror have made non muslims very judgemental...not suprisingly it has to be said.
These people.....the student..the taxi driver...the mother.....the child are paying the ultimate price so that there kids....the future can be lived in relative freedom.
For us to start to understand these far away strange lands it needs the people of those lands to have there say......not a few fruit loops with a possee of gunslingers.

I take my hat of to the brave people who have died in recent times...lets hope they have not died in vain.
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