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Eleanor (Susannah) Collins

I'm following a branch of my wife's family history as part of my family tree project and have come across a problem with her great-great-grandmother, who (on her wedding record) is called Eleanor Susannah Collins. On subsequent records (eg, census and her children's birth records), she is also given as Ellen and Elena - possibly because she was illiterate, given that her wedding record is signed with a cross. The Susannah only ever appears on her marriage record.

I'm trying to find her birth record and have come across a strange issue, and I'd be grateful of any advice that can be offered. On her wedding record (1865) she is shown as a Minor, indicating a birth year of 1844 or prior; however, on various census returns from 1871 onwards, her ages indicate a birth date of anywhere from 1842 to 1847. Again, this may indicate innumeracy.

I've done a broad-based search on FreeBMD and on FamilySearch and come across birth records for three Eleanor Collins that might work. The best two candidates are both registered in St George in the East (London), one Q2 1843, the other Q1 1845. The third Eleanor is registered in St George Southwark in Q2 1845. Ignoring the latter candidate, my immediate thought was that the Eleanor born in 1843 died within a couple of years, and the parents named the girl born in 1845 after her. However, the only death I can identify is an Eleanor Ann Collins whose death is registered in Shoreditch (which is fairly close to the church of St George in the East) in Q3 1845 - after the Eleanor born in that year.

So, my question is whether it would be possible/likely for parents in 1845 to register the death of a child some months after she died, and after they registered the birth of a second child? Has anyone come across anything similar?

I guess my next move will be to buy both birth certificates and the death certificate, but I'm hoping that someone can offer a logical solution and save me 33 quid in the process! All offers, as usually, gratefully received.

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