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Eli Tomkins


I am still working on this person, but some pregress has been made.

I am now looking for a death record for Eli Tomkins. Someone of a genealogy facebook page said that there is a record on ancestry for his death in 1868, but they are not giving me any more information, and I have spent hours trying to find anything that may be relevant to no avail.

So if anyone can help me find the death record for 1868 it would be appreciated. It will be after 25th May 1868 as thats when he married.

Wife CATHERINE Spurrier

born 1/4/1845 Horsmonden Kent.

Could be any variant of Tomkins too, Tomkin, Tonkin, Tompkin, Tompkins etc.

Thank you so much.
Hi Karen,

I've taken a look, but no sign of Eli after the 1861 census. I've found the rest of the family in 1871, and I noticed his brother Levi got about a bit. It then made me wonder if Eli could have done the same thing, because I couldn't find a death for him either, is it possible he emmigrated??

Hi Amanda,

I believed he emigrated to New Zealand, not because I have any hard evidence but just putting 2+2 together and making 6, but yesterday someone told me there was evidence that Eli died in 1868 on Ancestry.

I contacted the person again to ask for further information, link etc to clarify this but the only reply he gave me was that he "found it on ancestry"! Well I am going mad because I cant find anything!!! So thought I would ask for help to see if its just me who cant see it!!!

Thank you for looking x
You're welcome. Well if they found him on Ancestry, it doesn't look as if it was in the UK, perhaps they saw it in Ancestry N Zealand.

Every time I try to get the record it sends me to A... .au the Australian version because of my location.

The 1868 death in Cornwall is from a headstone and the date of birth is 1815 so rules that one out.

Thank you, I have a feeling he told me the wrong info in the first place, I think he typed died in 1868 but meant married in 1868! He must had died somewhere though! I will keep looking x