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Buckingham PR Transcripts CD BucksFHS
Marriage 4 Feb 1856 by Banns
Thomas BLENCOWE, aged 20, Bachelor of Gawcott, Bricklayer son of Thomas Blencowe, Bricklayer
Eliza BENNETT (signs Eliza BLENCOWE), aged 20, Spinster of Gawcott daughter of John Bennett, Labourer
Witnesses: John Bennett & William Cleaver
Bride: I certify that this name Blencowe was written in error & corrected at the same time.

Assisted 'Matoaka' 1857 Sydney and/or Newcastle Reels 2138, 2476
BLENCAWE Thomas 21 and family
Thomas inft Died on voyage (dv)

Arrived 22 Jan 1857 - Reel 2476
Thomas 21 Bricklayer Gawcott Buckinghamshire Thomas & Frances living at Gosford P. Methodist Both None Good None £1 A I Act
Eliza 22 Housemaid Gawcott Buckinghamshire John & Esther living at Gawcott CofE Read
HO107 Piece 1724 Folio 216 Page 4
Civil Parish: Buckingham
Village: Gawcott
County: Buckinghamshire
Registration District: Buckingham
Sub-RD: Leckhamstead
ED: 2c
No of Schedule: 13
Address: High St
John Bennett Head Mar 45 Laborer Agricultural Gawcott Buckinghamshire
Esther Bennett Wife Mar 53 Stokeline Oxfordshire
Eliza Bennett Dau 16 Gawcott Buckinghamshire
John Bennett Son 13 Gawcott Buckinghamshire
Mary Bennett Dau 10 Gawcott Buckinghamshire

1861 ?

Deaths Sep Qtr 1864 BENNETT Esther 66 Buckingham 3a 349

Marriages Dec Qtr 1867 Buckingham 3a 939
BENNETT John & HARRIS Elizabeth

RG10 Piece 1423 Folio 70 Page 21
Civil Parish: Buckingham
Town: Gawcott
County: Buckinghamshire
Registration District: Buckingham
Sub-RD: Buckingham
ED: 4
No of Schedule: 123
Address: 5 Hillesden Rd
John Bennett Head Mar 66 Agricultural Laborer Gawcott Bucks
Elizabeth Bennett Wife Mar 50 Dressmaker Gawcott Bucks
William Harris Lodger Widr. 75 Shoemaker Gawcott Bucks