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NSW Bap FARLEY ELIZA 3306/1840 V18403306 34A JOHN - LOUISA

Volume 34 is 1849 so an error with the year or the volume ??

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7. The Registry entry numbers in this register are inconsistent with the entry numbers in the (microfiche) index. In addition, the Registry entry numbers are both intermittent and (in many cases) illegible. The error occurs between pp. 171 and 173 of the register (consolidated pagination) when entry 1954 (p. 171) is followed by entry 1855 (p. 173) thus making the register entry numbers approximately 100 behind those of the (microfiche) index.

8. Entry number 2798 in the register is assigned entry number 2599 in the (microfiche) index. The last entry number in the register is 3569. In the index the number for this entry is given as 3370, thus making the register entry numbers approx. 200 in advance of those of the index. In order to find an entry in the register add approx. 200+ to the index number before searching for the register entry.

No wonder I didn't find it. But something still odd because if it is there it means the birth was in 1840 and the baptism in 1849.
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