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Baptism - 18 Mar 1825 - Huddersfield, St Peter
Eliza Ann Hellawell
Born 8 Oct 1824
Parent Wm/Ann Hellawell
Occ: mason


HO107 Piece/Book 1275/9 Folio 40 Page 24
Civil Parish: Huddersfield
County: Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District: Huddersfield
Sub-RD: Huddersfield
ED: 14
Address: Bath Buildings
Anne Hellawell 50 Ind Y
John 20 Solicitor Y
William 15 Woollen Manufacturer Y
Eliza 16 Y
Charles 13 Y
Jane Naylor 20 F.S. Y

HO107 Piece 2321 Folio 569 Page 20
Civil Parish: Leeds
County: Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District: Leeds
Sub-RD: West Leeds
ED: 2p
No of Schedule: 84
Address: 65 Ibbetson Place
John Trumble Head Mar 45 Paper Stainer Bishop Auckland Durham
Eliza Trumble Wife Mar 41 Halifax Yorkshire
and children
Eliza Hellawell Relative Unm 26 Huddersfield Yorkshire
+ 2 servants

If these are correct how is Eliza related to John or Eliza Trumble?


Another of my medium to difficult ones. :biggrin:

I'm reasonably sure 1841 is correct given the household members and their ages.

Not as confident about 1851 for Eliza. Siblings here:

HO107 Piece 2295 Folio 303 Page 34
Civil Parish: Huddersfield
County: Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District: Huddersfield
Sub-RD: Huddersfield
ED: 12
No of Schedule: 98
Address: King St
John B Hellawell Head Widower 32 Attorney Huddersfield Yorkshire
Wm H Hellawell Brother Mar 30 Woolen Spinner Huddersfield Yorkshire
Frances Hellawell Wife of WH Mar 26
Charles Hellawell Bro 23 Law Clerk Huddersfield Yorkshire
Lucy E Hellawell Dau 2 Huddersfield Yorkshire
Anne Wood Dyson Serv 37 Hopton Yorkshire

Marriage 8 May 1817 St Peter Huddersfield

Marriages Dec Qtr 1850 Halifax 22 172
HELLAWELL William Henry & DYSON Frances

Don't have the marriage for John B (bapt 1818 ) yet. Several in WRY.

No marriages for a John Hellawell/Hellewell on FreeREG 1837 - 1851.
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I don't think Eliza was John Trumbe's first wife. There is a marriage in Huddersfield Jun 1840 vol 22 p188 between a John Trumble and an Eliza Aked.
On the 1841 Census John and Eliza have a daughter Annie born 1841. The GRO Ref is Mar 1841 Huddersfield 22 343 mmn Aked.

There is a baptism in 1808 at Square Chapel (Independent) for an Eliza Aked daughter of John and Sarah. There is also a baptism in 1799 for an Ann Aked, daughter of John and Sarah.

Unfortunately the one thing I can't find is a William Hellawell/Ann Aked marriage.

Thanks Emeltee.

I've had no luck finding the connection between Trumble and Hellawell.

Ann Ibbetson
Marriage or Bann Date: 8 May 1817
Parish: Huddersfield
Spouse: William Hellawell
By Licence. Wit: Wm Bailey, John Beaumont

John Beaumont c. 17 May 1818 St Peter Huddersfield, Yorkshire
William HELLEWELL & Ann

Thomas Ibbetson c. 29 June 1823 St Peter Huddersfield, Yorkshire
William HELLIWELL & Ann

I have the marriage for one of the sons.

Marriages Dec Qtr 1850 Halifax 22 172
HELLAWELL William Henry & DYSON Frances

Have not found the right marriage yet for John B and Thomas I.

I don't have Thomas at all in census so better see if he died young.

Marriages Dec Qtr 1865 Liverpool 8b 631
MELLOR Wright & HELLAWELL Eliza Anne

The Leeds Mercury (Leeds, England), Friday, December 1, 1865; Issue 8623.
MELLOR - HELLAWELL.-Nov. 22nd, at Great George-street chapel, Liverpool, by the Rev. Enoch Mellor, M.A., brother of the bride-groom, assisted by the Rev. Robert Bruce, M.A., Wright Mellor, Esq., J.P., of Cote Royd, Huddersfield, to Eliza Ann, daughter of the late William Hellawell, Esq., of Huddersfield. (No cards.)

Deaths Jun Qtr 1905 MELLOR Eliza Ann 80 Huddersfield 9a 229

No Probate record found.

Wright was a JP, Magistrate, Alderman, Merchant and Deputy Lieutenant.

MELLOR Wright of Cote Royd Huddersfield esquire died 17 May 1893 Probate London 10 July to Thomas Kilner Mellor stockbroker Frank Mellor barrister-at-law and Algernon Fletcher solicitor.
Effects £79563 4s. 8d Resworn October 1893 £81788 4s. 8d. & Apl 1901 £81945 14s. 8d.
I have found a baptism for an Eliza Ann Helliwell baptised 18 March 1825 at St Peter, Huddersfield, parents William and Ann but it gives William's occupation as a Grocer, not a Mason.

Other Children born to this couple

William Henry 1821
Thomas Ibbetson 1823
Charles Edwin 1827
James Nathaniel 1829

I can't find the John born c1821 and William born c1826 who appear with Ann in the 1841 Census.

This raise a couple of questions - were there two Eliza Ann Helliwells baptised on the same day at the same place or is the father's occupation wrong on one of them.

Thomas's second name Ibbetson gives a hint that he could be the child of the marriage of William Halliwell and Ann Ibbetson. Muddies the water somewhat.

Lucy E Hellawell Dau 2 Huddersfield Yorkshire

William & Frances married Dec Qtr 1850.

So far I can only find this one

GRO Reference: 1850 S Quarter in HUDDERSFIELD UNION Volume 22 Page 375

Lucy must be John's daughter.

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Thanks Emeltee.

Don't know when or who gave me that baptism for Eliza with father a mason.

I think there are possibly 3x Eliza Hellawell.

One of the sons has middle name Beaumont - the name of one of the witnesses to 1817 marriage.

Pity the 1865 marriage notice does not give the occupation of the late William Hellawell.


Marriages Jun Qtr 1841
Ainley Daniel Huddersfield 22 215
BAMFORTH Mary Ann Huddersfield 22 215
DYSON Betty Huddersfield 22 215
FELL Cyrus Huddersfield 22 215
FRANCE Sarah Huddersfield 22 215
HAIGH Harriot Huddersfield 22 215
HARTLEY Mary Huddersfield 22 215
HELLAWELL John Huddersfield 22 215
THEWLES James Huddersfield 22 215

Age 2 does not fit for Lucy.

And that may not be the correct match I've marked.

Something is not right.

John B Hellawell Head Widower 32 Attorney Huddersfield Yorkshire

Lucy A Hellawell
Event Type Census
Event Date 1891
County Yorkshire, Yorkshire (West Riding)
Parish Huddersfield
Ecclesiastical Parish HOLY TRINITY
Registration District Huddersfield
Residence Note West Hill
Gender Female
Age 40
Marital Status Single
Occupation Teacher Of Music
Relationship to Head of Household Daughter
Birthplace Yorkshire, England
Page Number 15
Registration Number RG12
Piece/Folio 3568/ 76
Mary Hellawell Head F 72 Yorkshire, England
Maria L Hellawell Daughter F 43 Yorkshire, England
Lucy A Hellawell Daughter F 40 Yorkshire, England
John Trumble
Event Type Census
Event Date 1841
Event Place Huddersfield, Yorkshire,Yorkshire West Riding, England
Residence Note Ramsden Street
Registration District Huddersfield
Parish Huddersfield
County Yorkshire,Yorkshire West Riding
Page Number 39
Registration Number HO107
Piece/Folio 1275/48
John Trumble M 35
Eliza Trumble F 30 Yorkshire
William Trumble M 10 Yorkshire
John Trumble M 8 Yorkshire
Annie Trumble F 0 Yorkshire
Susan Clegg F 20 Yorkshire
Martha North F 14 Yorkshire
Wm Knight M 15
The Lucy A Hallawell whose birth you quoted in an earlier post with mmn Hartley is the daughter of John Hellawell and Mary Hartley who married Jun 1841 Huddersfield 22 215
Lucy appears in the 1851 Census with John, a Corn Factor and Mary and again in 1871 where she is down as Teacher of Music
(1851 HO107/2295/F382/p41 1871 RG10/4365/F7/p7)
So probably not the Lucy Hallawell you are looking for.


John Beaumont Hallowell/Elizabeth Weddall 19 Dec 1844 Knaresborough St Mary Groom's father William Bride's father John. Bride and Groom of full age.

There is a baptism for an Elizabeth Weddall in Knaresborough 1825 parents John and Anna but no birth year given

There is a death for an Elizabeth Hellawell Sep 1849 Huddersfield 22 228 but it gives her age as 22 which is a couple of years out.

There is also a birth ref for a John Beaumont Hellawell Jun 1847 Huddersfield 22 337 mmn Weddall
and a baptism
John Beaumont Hellawell bapt. 25 Aug 1847 St Peter, Huddersfield, parents John and Elizabeth. John is a Solicitor and the address is Commercial Street

and a possible death John Hellawell aged 0 Jun 1847 Huddersfield 22 247

Can't find anything for a Lucy E.

Thanks Emeltee.

This does not help re connection between Eliza and Trumbles

John Trumble
Gender Male
Christening Date 29 Jan 1806
Birth Date 08 Jan 1806
Father's Name Peter Trumble
Mother's Name Ann Lightfoot

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Eliza Aked
Gender Female
Christening Date 18 Oct 1812
Birth Date 03 Jul 1812
Father's Name John Aked
Mother's Name Sarah

Can't find Sarah's maiden name so far.

Connection to Eliza probably on Aked not Trumble side.

I put Aked and marriage 1800 - 1841 and Yorkshire West Riding in FS and got no marriages.

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Fenton Lodge
Marriage 1 Apr 1872
Event Place St Paul's Church, Southport, Lancashire
Gender Male
Age 26
Marital Status Single
Father's Name William Lodge
Spouse's Name Lucy Emily Hellawell
Spouse's Gender Female
Spouse's Age 23
Spouse's Marital Status Single
Spouse's Father's Name William Henry Hellawell
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Births Dec Qtr 1848
DYSON Lucy Emily Hellawell Huddersfield 22 318

GRO Reference: 1848 D Quarter in HUDDERSFIELD UNION Volume 22 Page 318
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Thomas Aked & Hannah Ibbotson ??

christening: 11 Jun 1809 HALIFAX
father: Thomas Aked
mother: Hannah

christening: 30 Dec 1810 HALIFAX
father: Thomas Aked
mother: Hannah

Mary Ellen
christening: 18 Oct 1812 HALIFAX
father: Thomas Aked
mother: Hannah