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Eliza thrasher & ruth thrasher

Dear Family History UK

Father: Robert Thrasher
Mother: Priscilla Thrasher
Daughter: Eliza Thrasher
Daughter: Alice Maud Mary Thrasher (later maiden name Grace Alice Maud Mary Courtenay and Grace Alice Maud Mary Solomon as married name)
Daughter: Louisa Thrasher (later maiden name Louisa Thresher and Louisa Atkins married name)
Daughter: Ruth Thrasher (later maiden name Ruth Jezard when mother Priscilla remarries after Robert's death to John Jezard, later maiden name Ruby Jezard and Ruby Court as married name)

Eliza Thrasher:
1871 census - found
1881 census - found
1891 census - found
1901 - not found
1911 - not found
We do not know if Eliza marries as we have not been able to find a marriage or a death for her.

Ruth Thrasher:
1871 census - not born
1881 census - found
1891 - found
1901 - found as Ruby Court as she marries (Albert) Edward Court in 1900
1911 - not found
Ruth's son (Edward) Leslie Court is staying with Aunt (Grace) Alice Maud Mary Solomon in 1911 census. Ruth's husband (Albert) Edward Court is staying with his brother-in-law Rudolf Klofacz working as a rink manager.

Ruby Court (Ruth Thrasher & Ruth Jezard & Ruby Jezard) and Eliza Thrasher may not be on the 1911 census as there was a mass boycott with filling out women's details in demand that women should get the vote "women do not count, neither shall they be counted". By a complete coincidence suffragette Grace Watney Roe operated under the alias of Grace Courtenay and disguised herself in clothes provided by the Actresses' Franchise League. Grace Watney Roe also went to Canada in the 1920's (were Ruth Thrasher and Eliza Thrasher involved with the suffragette movement as Ruth's son Edward Leslie Court moves to Canada in 1926 - woman obtain the full vote in England in 1928 ). Ruth Thrasher's husband Albert Edward Court was Chief Of Staff at the London Collesium in 1905 and Louisa Thrasher's husband Percy Atkins was a Theatrical Business Manager in 1901 census giving a theatrical link to helping the suffragettes and reason for name changes.

Details about Grace Watney Roe - this could just be a complete coincidence!
Grace Watney Roe

Thank you very much for your help with our elusive ancestors!
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Not a lot of new info, but there may be a snippet or two...

Eliza's parents:
Priscilla May Jezard, nee Pope was b. about 1837 according to her death record, Q2 1900, The Strand.
Robert Thrasher b. abt. 1831, Southampton. 1871 census (you have that). The same census suggests Priscilla's birth was at Bules Endmards (likely to be Bury St Edmunds

Q4 1868 Eliza Priscilla Thrasher, St Giles, birth reg. [1b, 511]

In 1881 - RG11/98/60/25 - St George, London.
Priscilla, widow, 40, lodger, b. Hartest, Suffolk
Eliza 12
Alice 9
Ruth 1
Alfred Pope, brother, 45, b. Hartest, coachman

Q3 1879 Robert Thrasher, Strand, death reg. [1b, 331]

London Electoral registers:
1894 Priscilla Jezard, 81 Alchel Rd., Hammersmith & Fulham
1897 129 Finborough Rd.
1893 133 Finborough Rd. There until her death (1900) - Violet's address as I recall.

May or may not be Eliza.
1912 Eliza Thrasher, 41 Roan st., Grenwich

Interesting thought, that Priscilla's middle name was May and died as a 'Jezard', could be that the elusive George & Pricsilla May, may be the parents of Violet, mentioned in another post. However, she would have been about 50 when Violet was born, but it may explain why she was at a boarding School in 1901.


I found this New York trip on FMP, I'm not sure if she is yours, but the 'Theatricals' comment caught the eye.

Miss Ruth Jezard
DO dept. 7 Aug 1897
Port dept. Southampton
Port dest. New York, USA
DOB. 1875 (calculated from age)
Age. 22
Marital status. Single
Occ. Theatricals
***. Fem
Record no. Page 6 of 11
Ship. Paris

Hi Geoff, thank you so much for looking at this.

I think you've found our Ruth Jezard going to New Year in 1897. Is it possible to see please Geoff who Ruth was travelling with (I tried looking on FMP but couldn't find what you found).

Thank you
Hi Geoff, with Violet's parents, I'll let you know when her birth certificate arrives - there is such a cover up going on at 133 Finborough Road - life seems so dull in 21st century suburban Orpington compared to 19th century cosmopolitan Kensington! Either that or my head will explode with yet more goings on!
I can't find Ruth's trip now but will find it, there was also a vague mention on GenesR' so I know it exists, I also just found this, not sure how significant it is, thought I'd post it before it went astray!

Date of departure: 12 March 1907
Port of departure: Liverpool
Passenger destination port: St Johns NF, Canada
Passenger destination: St Johns NF, Canada

Date of Birth: 1871 (calculated from age)
Age: 36
Marital status: Married
***: Male
Occupation: Labr
Passenger recorded on: Page 1 of 24

Official Number:
Master's name:
Steamship Line:
Where bound:
Square feet:
Registered tonnage:
Passengers on voyage:
G C Evans
St Johns NF, Canada

She is at the bottom of this list:

Passenger list search results
Search criteria used:
Last name: Jezard
Year of departure: 1890 to 1960

17 records found.

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name First
name Year of
birth Departure Destination
country Destination
port Transcript Image
*** year port
JEZARD Angela Mary 1947 F 1952 London Australia Sydney VIEW VIEW
JEZARD D W 1916 F 1928 London Australia Brisbane VIEW VIEW
JEZARD Dora Kathleen 1921 F 1952 London Australia Sydney VIEW VIEW
JEZARD E E 1920 F 1928 London Australia Brisbane VIEW VIEW
JEZARD E F 1906 M 1928 London Australia Brisbane VIEW VIEW
JEZARD E L 1876 F 1928 London Australia Brisbane VIEW VIEW
JEZARD Hubert 1882 M 1907 Southampton USA New York VIEW VIEW
JEZARD J 1871 M 1907 Liverpool Canada St Johns NF VIEW VIEW
JEZARD John Hayward 1921 M 1942 Liverpool USA New York VIEW VIEW
JEZARD John William Maxted 1921 M 1952 London Australia Sydney VIEW VIEW
JEZARD Joseph 1895 M 1927 London Australia Brisbane VIEW VIEW
JEZARD L H 1913 M 1928 London Australia Brisbane VIEW VIEW
JEZARD L P 1925 M 1928 London Australia Brisbane VIEW VIEW
JEZARD Laurence John Maxted 1943 M 1952 London Australia Sydney VIEW VIEW
JEZARD Lillias 1901 F 1956 Southampton USA New York VIEW VIEW
JEZARD Olive Stuart Maxted 1951 M 1952 London Australia Sydney VIEW VIEW
JEZARD Ruth 1875 F 1897 Southampton USA New York VIEW VIEW

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