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Elizabeth Brooks

I am looking for the birth mother of Elizabeth Brooks, information I have is as follows,

Elizabeth Brooks Born 1833 Liverpool Lancashire
married Charles Thorne 1849 Liverpool Lancashire

Elizabeth died 1909 in Birmingham, any help appreciated
Best regards StericoO0
Hi Sterico ,
A look on the 1841 census shows only an Elizabeth Jane Brooks abt 1834 Liverpool nothing else comes near.
Hi Lizanne,
does that entry give the father, mother and other siblings ? if so could you post the details for me? thanks regards StericoO0
Hi Sterico
Not sure if you received the census info or not- but here it is in case you haven't:

1841 England Census

Name: Elizabeth Jane Brooks
Age: 7
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1834
Gender: Female
Where born: Lancashire, England
Civil Parish: Liverpool
Hundred: Liverpool
County/Island: Lancashire
Country: England
Registration district: Liverpool
Sub registration district: Dale Street
Household Members: Name Age
William South 35
Ann South 30
Joseph King 30
George Scott 20
Margret Merdock 5
Thomas Brooks 61
Jane Brooks 39
Ann Brooks 11
Elizabeth Jane Brooks 7


IGI Individual Record FamilySearchâ„¢ International Genealogical Index v5.0
British Isles
--------------------------------------------------------------------------ELIZABETH JANE BROOKE
Christening: 02 FEB 1834 Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Mother: JANE
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Source Information:
Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:
P020274 1833 - 1835 0093880 Film 6903233 Film
There is only one marriage for Thomas Brook(e) to a "Jane" in the IGI between 1815 & 1835 in Liverpool- might be worth more investigation...

Marriage: 12 FEB 1829 Saint Paul Saint Pauls Square, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
IGI Batch No: M019764
Hello Sterico,

Having had a quick exploration for Elizabeth (not yet her marriage or subsequent family); hope the following is of interest and relevant to your BROOKS Family:

Parish of Liverpool in the County of -- Lancashire --
Marriages at Our Lady and St Nicholas with St Anne in Parish of Liverpool
Marriages recorded in the Register for the year 1826
Marriage: 14 Apr 1826 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
John Penson - Cordwainer of Liverpool to Catharine Brooks - Widow of Liverpool
Married by Banns by: John Pulford BD Curate

Register: Marriages 1826, Page 4, Entry 466 Source: LDS Film 1068891
Marriage: 5 Nov 1826 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
William Shillin - Cordwainer of Liverpool to Catherine Brooks - Spinster of Liverpool
Married by Banns by: Thomas Johnson MA Curate
(Possibly the above two Catherine Brooks are widowed mother and her daughter – just a guess)

WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900. 1861 CENSUS
#4---The Field 95---[Middleton]---
Md114a. John BROOKS Head M 51 Lead miner Middleton
Md114b. Mary BROOKS Wife M 46 Lead miners wife Wirksworth
Md114c. William BROOKS Son U 21 Rail layer Wirksworth
Md114d. Mary BROOKS Dau U 17 Tape wrapper Middleton

#13---Main Street 141---[Middleton]---
Md123a. Joseph BROOKS Head M 51 M Lead miner Middleton
Md123b. Mary BROOKS Wife M 49 F Lead miners wife Wirksworth
Md123c. John BROOKS Son U 25 M Lead miner Middleton
Md123d. Jacob BROOKS Son U 20 M Lead miner Middleton
Md123e. Joseph BROOKS Son 14 M Lead miner Middleton
Md123f. Anne BROOKS Dau 12 F Scholar Middleton
Md123g. Job S BROOKS Son 9 M Scholar Middleton

#25---Main Street 154---[Middleton]---
Md135a. Thomas BROOKS Head M 60 Mine agent Middleton
Md135b. Mary BROOKS Wife M 58 Mine agents wife Ireland IRL
Md135c. Elizabeth BROOKS Dau U 26 Dressmaker Glossop
Md135d. Samuel BROOKS Son U 22 Lead miner Middleton
Md135e. Sarah BROOKS Dau U 17 Dressmaker Middleton

#27---Main Street 156---[Middleton]---
Md137a. John BROOKS Head M 24 Lead miner Middleton
Md137b. Mary BROOKS Wife M 26 Lead miners wife Wirksworth

#44---Main Street 173---[Middleton]---
Md154a. John BROOKS Head U 60 Lead miner Middleton
Md154b. Samuel BROOKS Brother U 48 Lead miner Middleton

#57---Halicans Lane 185---[Middleton]---
Md167a. Samuel BROOKS Head M 41 Lead miner Middleton
Md167b. Frances BROOKS Wife M 40 Lead miners wife Middleton
Md167c. Frances BROOKS Dau 11 Cotton spinner Middleton
Md167d. Elizabeth BROOKS Dau 4 Scholar Middleton
Md167e. Grace BROOKS Dau 8m F Middleton
Md167f. Thomas DOXEY Boarder U 19 M Lead miner Middleton

Parish of Manchester in the County of -- Lancashire -- Baptisms at The Cathedral: The Parish of Manchester
Baptisms recorded in the Register for the years 1836 - Q1

Born: 14 Nov 1835. Baptism: 3 Jan 1836 Collegiate, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Brooks - daughter of James Brooks, Occupation: Spinner, & Mary Ann. Abode: Manchr
Baptised by: H. Fielding Register: Baptisms 1836, Page 11, Entry 86 Source: FHL 1545610

Baptism: 27 Mar 1836 Collegiate, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Sarah Brooks - daughter of George Brooks, Occupation: Millwright, & Sarah. Abode: Stockport
Baptised by: William Wilbraham Johnson M.A. Oxon Deputy Chaplain
Register: Baptisms 1836, Page 164, Entry 1309 Source: FHL 1545610

It's a bit of a mix but hope it helps at least a little.

Gemmas' pal
Hi Tazettemb, and Gemma's Pal,
No I didn't have the census information, so thank you Both for taking the time and trouble to find the information that you both have posted. Also thank you Jane for your information. Wow thats going to keep me busy and out of trouble for a while cross checking that lot:)
Again thanks for cracking this particular wall:biggrin:
Best regards to all three of you StericoO0
Sorry for delay in getting back to you I own a pub so weekends usually a bit busy. I see the information has been posted for you.
No probs Lizanne, I work in pubs and clubs at the weekend so I know how busy it can be:D thanks for your help
Regards StericoO0
Just looking thru the thread and noticed u have the name of Brooks.....so have I......awaiting certificates from GRO which I only ordered today for my maternal grandparents........grandfathers name RANKIN......grandmothers name MIDDLETON........I have done quite extensive search already over the last couple of weeks following my grandmothers maiden name and other female lines......i've gone from MIDDLETON to BARHAM to BROOKS......the entry I have is a marriage entry for Sarah Elizabeth BROOKS born in West Ham, London in the June quarter of 1865......the man she married is Oldthen or Oldthan BARHAM.....the Vol is 4a Page 31......I have looked thru some other stuff which I'd have to re-find (as at that point I got brain overload and shut pc down without saving, but it cant b to hard to find again) It mentioned something about a place called Middleton.....I have come to a stop with Oldthen BARHAM.....I think I may have to order a birth cert for him to continue and i STILL cant find any origin for his forename
Would b great if we could share any info and c if there is any link

Athy :)
Hi athenlou
I have taken a note of your info and when I have checked all the info I already have and cross checked it, I will get back to you, you never know we could be related :D
Best regards StericoO0