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Elizabeth Purefoy's Parents?


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Good Morning
I'm trying to find the parents for Elizabeth Purefoy.
She married William Bent 1619 Frolesworth, Leicestershire and I believe went on to have the following children in Cosby, Leicestershire.

George Bent bapt 1620 (My 11th grt grandfather)
Francis Bent bapt 1623
Lucy Bent bapt 1627
William Bent bapt 1630
Mary Bent 1632

These baptisms have the parents as William Bent Jr and Elizabeth.
There is no marriage as far as I can see for a William Bent and Elizabeth other than the one in Frolesworth or any records for Bents being born to another William and Elizabeth than in Cosby.

Unfortunately I'm having trouble in confirming the parents of Elizabeth.
As all I have to go on is Visitation pedigree's and Stirnet.
The Bents and Purefoys are listed on Visitation of Leicestershire and are of Local Gentry.

There are a few possibilities but unfortunately Visitation doesn't list ages for the children born near the end of pedigree which was given in 1619.

These are the possibilities I have starting with the most likely going by naming.

Elizabeth Purefoy dau of Francis Purefoy Esq of Caldecote, Warw and Eleanor Baskerville.
Francis's age isn't given but given the dates for his father he would of been born around 1555/1560 perhaps. So fits with having a dau born in the 1590s.
Given the marriage of 1619, I ''Assume'' she was born in the 1590s same as William Bent (He was bapt 1597 Cosby)
This Elizabeth Purefoy is also listed with a Brother George. So her Children George and Francis might possibly be named after her father and brother. (George is used frequently by the Purefoys of Fenny Drayton)

Elizabeth could also possibly be a late daughter of Ralph Purefoy Esq of Fenny Drayton, Leic.
He had a daughter Elizabeth and a son George, Nothing else is given about them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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