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Elizabeth Raven - Maiden Name

I'm a bit stuck on the branch of my family which has the interesting surname - Raven.

I have traced my 2nd great grandmother Amelia Clara Tayler on Ancestry as being the child of Charles Tayler and Emily Tayler née Raven, born in Chelmsford 1851-1854. I have checked GRO and possibly found Emily Jane Raven, born S Quarter 1853. Several other trees crossing also agree with Emily Raven, though it's late and I'm confusing myself now with sources!

Anyway, I'm a bit stuck with Emily Raven's mother's maiden name. I don't really have the corroborating evidence to conclude one name or another. Annoyingly, GRO gives her mother's maiden name as Raven also (could this be a transcription error on the web site? I don't mind buying the certificate, but it won't give me the information I'm looking for if it lists her married name).

First name is likely Elizabeth, possible surname Blyton, but I have zero evidence for that. There is another potential, Sarah Ansell, though that GRO is record is registered in Witham, but the census records all say Chelmsford as birthplace. The ages in the census and marriage dates are also confusing me a bit (by current reckoning, she could only have been 16 when married).

Any suggestions on how I might be able to gather more information on Emily and her mother?
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