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Ellen Louisa/Louisa Ellen WALTERS


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Vic. Death 1953 JELLETT Ellen Louisa 77 - WALTERS Thomas Robert - Selina SMITH - b. Bendigo, Vic. d. Melbourne, Vic. #10978

I can't find the birth in Vic. Index.

Looking for the marriage of Thomas to Selina, thanks.
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Thomas Robert Watters married Selina Smith 1873 Vic – reg 2780
Thomas Robert Watters b 1851 died 4 June 1930 Nhill Hindmarsh Vic

https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/4092547?searchTerm=thomas robert walters

Selina Smith died 1938 Vic age 84 – John Smith – mmaiden= Henday ref 14726
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/12429737?searchTerm=selina walters

John Smith b 1829 St Austell Cornwall – died 7 June 1893 Maryborough Goldfinds buried Maryborough Cemetery
Selina Smith nee HENDY b 1826 St Mewan Cornwall – died 20 April1892 – buried with husband
They married 27 Dec 1851 St Austell Cornwall

Children under Walters
Thomas 1874 at Timor Vic
Frederick Robert 1878 Av Oc Vic
William John 1881 Kiat Vic
Ivy Selina 1884 Kiat Vic
Mable Grace 1886 Nhil Vic
Esther Maud 1888 Woorak Vic
Emma 1890 Woorack Vic

Ellen Louisa WATTERS 1876 Timo Vic – correct parents – 12665/1876 – married William George Jellett (1875-1954) in Vic 1900 as Walters
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/75064136?searchTerm=jellett - walters

William George Jellett died 2 Dec 1954
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/23453665?searchTerm=william george jellett

Ellen Louisa Jellett died 23 Sept 1953
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/249244288?searchTerm=ellen jellett
both at Springvale Crematorium
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Day Month 27-Dec
Year 1851
Parish Circuit Or Chapel Austell, St.
Groom Fn John
Groom Sn SMITH
Groom Age full
Groom Residence St Cleer
Groom Condition b
Groom Rank Profession Miner
Groom Signed / Marked (S/M) s
Groom Father Name John Smith
Groom Father Rank Profession miner
Bride Fn Harriett
Bride Sn HENDY
Bride Age full
Bride Residence St Austell
Bride Condition s
Bride Rank Profession
Bride Signed / Marked (S/M) m
Bride Father Name Thomas Hendy
Bride Father Rank Profession miner
Banns / Licence (B/L) banns
Witness Fn1 John
Witness Sn1 Smith
Witness Fn2 John
Witness Sn2 Julyan
Other Information
Transcriber Notes
Transcriber Victoria McIntyre
Births Jun Qtr 1852 SMITH Selina - St Austell 5c 139 mmn HENDY

Day Month 03-Jan
Year 1830
Parish Circuit Or Chapel Austell, St.
Forename John
Surname SMITH
Age Or Date Of Birth
Father Forename John
Mother Forename Elizabeth
Residence Fatwork
Status Or Occupation miner

Film No 5751884
Image No 17
Day Month 10-Sep
Year 1826
Parish Circuit Or Chapel Mewan, St.
Forename Harriet
Surname HENDY
Age Or Date Of Birth
Father Forename Thomas
Mother Forename Grace
Residence Pot-Hole
Status Or Occupation miner
Transcriber Notes src: Exeter BTs
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